Monday, August 23, 2010

Would you like to meet...

I sometimes think that if you haven't been down this road of multiple miscarriages, infertility, fertility drugs, weeks of bleeding while pregnant, etc. it's easy to think that it's time for me to just "relax." To enjoy being pregnant.

But in reality, the best way I can think of to describe this to you is to say that if you put me in the middle of an NFL stadium, a tiny little dot on the 50 yard line, and let me just pour it all out, my worries and anxiety would fill up every inch of the stadium.

I am fragile.

My OB totally gets that. Other health professionals? Not so much.

Today I had my hospital ultrasound and the baby is in a really bad position for scanning. It's breech and tightly curled up and just darn hard to see. I already KNOW all the parts are there, I have had an ultrasound at least twice a month until now.

Anyway. All of that is to say that there was drama at the hospital again today. Scary doctors saying all kinds of unnecessary things and so forth. I called my OB from the hospital, who called the doctor there and set him straight about scaring me to death. And then demanded to hear the "no bullshit" version of what was going on with our baby.

And he was assured that everything is fine. Hard to see, but fine. And while I do not trust random doctors who make vague remarks about the health of my baby, I do trust (and love) my OB.

And we now have two guesses about the sex of said baby. Guesses because of the awkward position, but maybe you'd like to meet...

Miss Thing?

A girl.

(See what I mean about her bad position?)

Now. Miss Thing, we are at 19 weeks. We are halfway to having you in our arms. Hang tight in there, okay? This mama is still fightin' hard.

Even if looking at all those pink things at the consignment sale last week caused me to hyperventilate a bit. :-)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! on little Miss Thing. I think she already has her nickname :)

    Praying things continue to go well.


  2. She's beautiful already.

    (and you're welcome for the nickname.) :o)

  3. Congratulations!! Girls are so much fun. I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery.

  4. Oh how sweet a little baby Girl! Congratulations, now take care of you and Miss Pinky! oxox, Diane

  5. oh my goodness! such a blessed sight! she is beautiful! cant wait for the next 20 weeks to fly by & see her outside your womb!! CONGRATULATIONS!
    btw, i knew you could do it!!!! 19 weeks are, in reality, half way!!!

  6. Miss thing eh? Congrats!

  7. hang in there! wishing you both the best (and of course the men in your life, too). a girl, how exciting!

  8. Hang in there and good to see our first little glimpse of the little miss. So glad you have an awesome OB to lead you thru this pregnancy.

  9. Oh Sweet Little Miss Thing...hang tight sweet girl.
    Half way - yay.

  10. Yes - I would like to meet her! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Keep breathing and hopefully she will be here before you know it.

  11. Oh I sit...........tears in my eyes and chillbumps!
    Go BabyMama! Grow Miss Thing.
    So excited for you all!!!!!!
    We are all jumping with joy over this little bity Miss Thing Baby!!!!!

  12. A girl! How very exciting -- congratulations! And YOU hang in there too!

  13. "Miss Thang"--cuz she's a fighter and has 'tude!!!

  14. You just made my heart skip! Can't wait to see here in your arms!

  15. Oh Sarah, I was so hoping for a girl (I'm a little biased, what can I say?)! Congratulations and poo to poopy-headed doctors! Hope the rest of the ride is much easier.

  16. congrats on the girly girl! i continue to think of you often.

  17. congratulations! wishing you all the best for the next 20 weeks. :)

  18. Oh, I feel you! We've spent YEARS of fertility and are preg with our second (finally). I went in at 10 weeks and my OB tried to listen for a HB but couldn't find one. He said he was sure it was find, and that early it's really hard to find and that we'd do an U/S, but then he left me in stirrups, still lit up, to go to a delivery. I had to wait two days worrying that there wouldn't be a HB when we got to the U/S. I KNEW it was too early to have a good chance of hearing it, but still scared me to death. Our U/S tech was furious!


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