Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Valentine Score

Okay then. Last week was bad. A whole week without David, Jack was sick, I had to throw up A LOT*, and everything was piling up around me.

Dave is home again. Jack has an ear infection now, which means another 10 days of antibiotics (20 days total now), and now MY ear hurts. WHY CAN'T THEY WASH THEIR HANDS AT SCHOOL?

That's a tangent for another day I suppose.

I finally have most of the Halloween stuff up, the laundry is caught up, dinner is in the crock pot and I have tried my best to take an entire week's worth of blog photos at once. They may not be thrilling, but, hey, in my world right now it's something! :-)

I bought 2 bags stuffed full of Valentines at the flea a few weeks ago. I think there are 75 + valentines in those bags, but here's a little taste of how sweet they are:

Totally awesome right?

It makes me excited for the next heart to heart swap. You know, the one when Miss Thing will be all of like a month old? LOLOLOL

Back tomorrow with Miss Thing's very first gift. It's a sweet one!

*I actually cried in the carpool line because I had to throw up so bad. I don't know what came over me. I had to throw up, the line was taking forever, I didn't want to throw up in the grass, yadda yadda. I say all of this while laughing now but it was so not funny then.


  1. You did well with your Valentines. Darling graphics. Sorry this pregnancy has continued to make you sick. I keep hoping you'll be turning the corner soon. Hang in there. How's the Halloween decorations at your house?

  2. Those Valentines are so cute! What flea market do you go to?

  3. Ohmygosh Sarah -- that IS an awesome score. You have the best luck! (Sorry about the barfing. ;-( )


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