Monday, January 24, 2011

Around here

It's been snowing.
And then it snowed some more.
And then it snowed yet again. Something like 12 inches and 5 days in the house with all 4 of us.
Sammi is doing her best to sleep all day and stay up all night. And eat every.single.hour. (I hate breastfeeding. I really do. I can manage it for awhile, but wow, it just plain sucks for me.)

She is already changing so much. And I still continue to marvel at the fact that we actually have two kids. I made it to the end and I made another baby. Whoa.
I had Jack make some felt hearts to entertain him for 12 minutes. He does all the work himself now - the cutting of the patterns, the pinning to the fabric, the cutting of the fabric, the stuffing, etc. He can sew them together too, but to lessen his frustration I just whipped them together on the machine.

Now I need to convince him to make some more so my big bread bowl thing is full of his hearts!
I've been trying to finish some of the projects that were *this* close to finished when I started having to walk around in labor for days on end. This little yo-yo doll quilt took the longest time!
But it is super sweet.

The yo-yo's are about quarter sized.

I have one more thing to finish in her room then I can get some photos of it up.

I've been wearing my regular pants for a week now. Amen. At about week 37 I started crying for my regular pants. (Don't be too jealous, it's because I am a fat girl to start with. Ha.)

Sammi has not been gaining enough weight for the ped's liking, so we are having to go there every single week and have her weighed. I had a massive freak out over this on Wednesday. I am ready for that to be over. Hopefully this Wednesday will be easier.

The Valentines have started arriving. And they are wonderful, as always!

And that's about it for what's going on over here. Junebug is getting hysterical, so I am off to feed her. Again. :-)

Happy Monday to you!


  1. I hate breastfeeding and it literally makes me crazy. I just recently saw something about a hormone that some women overproduce while breastfeeding that makes them nuts. That's me. As soon as I stop I'm normal again. (well, as normal as I get.) I often feel guilty that I only breastfeed a short time so I'm always relieved other woman hate it as well.

    Also, since you mentioned both breastfeeding, her eating all the time, and low weight gain, I thought i'd mention this because after 6 months of my firstborn having problems with these things, I found out his tongue was connected weird. I wish my pediatrician had known about it. It makes it hard for the baby to suck. Basically, the flap of skin under the tongue goes too far forward on the tongue so they can't stick it out and suck well. One indicator is if her tongue looks heart shaped or pulls back in the center. Hope that makes sense. When, I got a new pediatrician he immediately saw it and "clipped" it a month later in office with me there so it was an easy fix that made a world of difference.

    Sorry about the unsolicited info.

  2. Jack can cut out patterns and pin fabric? Can you send him over here? I'll gladly pay his airfare. That's the part that I hate the most about any sewing project, and the thing that stops me from doing any sewing projects! And Miss Junebug looks beautiful, happy and healthy. What a sweet little family you have!

  3. I love all your pictures. Best wishes with your upcoming doctor appt. I can't imagine how sleep deprived you are right now. Jack is awesome at sewing. Go Jack go!!

  4. Sounds like you're having a good January. I remember how much I disliked the feeling of being a 24/7 milking machine -- I loved nursing, but it always took forever. Then a nurse told me my baby was using me as a pacifier and I should cut him off LOL! Jack's doing a great job on those cute little hearts!

  5. Anonymous11:29 AM

    It makes me feel better to read that I'm not the only one who hates breastfeeding. My baby girl just turned 6 weeks old on Saturday and I decided to quit nursing on Sunday because I had to go back to work anyway and truthfully there is very little I enjoyed about the nursing. It makes me feel a little selfish but I can say that I nursed her longer than my other two children combined. Because of my history of postpartum depression with my first two children that took a long time to resolve, I have been seeing a psychiatrist every few months for the last 5 years or so. When I saw him a few weeks ago, checking to make sure I didn't get post partum depression again (and so far, things are going well with mentally) I did tell him that I didn't want to breastfeed anymore. He told me "I'm not a pediatrician, I can't tell you what to feed your baby. I can tell you there is no subsitute for a healthy, happy mother. There is a subsitute for breastmilk." He's right. My boys are healthy even thought they only got a few weeks, if that, of breastmilk. I'm glad I stuck with it longer with this one but I also have a sense of relief now that I have decided to quit. Enjoy that baby girl.


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