Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love for Sammi

The heart to heart boxes are arriving and many of them are stuffed with love for Sammi.
Tiff sent this gorgeous doll quilt for her doll quilt wall, made with lavender and green reproduction prints! Love it.

It's already hanging above her little doll bed. :-) Thank you Tiff!

Sammi has had to go be weighed every.single.week at the ped because she is not gaining weight. Apparently most babies gain one ounce per day and our little spitfire is only gaining 1/2 an ounce PER WEEK. She is still 5 ounces down from her birth weight.

We have another appointment on Weds (which we will likely miss to due to a huge winter storm that should be barrelling down on us by Weds), so I have been giving her formula every single time I feed her. Even if she already seems satisfied with breast milk. And I have been waking her to eat every 2 hours.

All of which goes against my usual "feed on demand" philosophy.

And yet, the baby still does not look fatter to me. She still has that very lean newborn look to her arms and legs. And I am (more than) terrified that she is going to be labeled "failure to thrive".

Maybe if we all think "fat baby, fat baby" thoughts she will pass her test this week?


A mother can hope, can't she?


  1. My friend's little one was also struggling to gain weight. She had no problem producing enough milk, but it wasn't thick enough. (?) Anyway, her doctor suggested she up her own calorie intake so she started adding a milkshake a day and that seemed to work for her and her baby. I'm no expert, but I thought I'd let you know in case it was info you thought you could use. Good luck to Sammi! :)

  2. I know that worries you so much. But she's healthy otherwise, isn't she? And she *is* gaining, however slowly. I'm liking the milkshake idea. Give it a try.

  3. my now 10 week old had the same problem. it was very frustrating & disappointing, tiring, etc. plus as a mother i felt like a failure, especially considering he is number 6. what my pediatrician told me was to pump after every eating & bottle feed him the rest of what he didnt get from my breast. i didnt have to give him formula (thank God - they hate that if they taste breast milk). but i actually didnt give it to him in a bottle, i had to feed it to him in a medicine dropper slowly down the inside of his cheek so he wouldnt get nipple confusion - because he did & getting him to latch back on was torturous after he had fed from a bottle. so with that being said. he is finally at 10lbs after 4 weeks of him not thriving - doing that lose, then gaine a few ounces, then lose or stay the same. he finally hit his stride & looks like a chubs! sending prayers your way for Sammi. she is a beautiful girl. btw, we do we get a picture of her doll quilt wall?

  4. my now almost 3yr. old was the same way! we had to go every week for the first month, when we got the ok to go until the the next month, she only gained 2 ounces!!! I was so upset-questioned myself, how did I not notice her being upset? Dr. said supplement-didn't feel comfortable, went straight to formula.
    She is now healthy, she is a grazer. Only weighs 26 lbs-she must have high metabolizm(?) Looks like Ethopian child-lol! Skinny arms, legs, round belly. She was a preemie-so she only came home weighing 4.2 ounces.
    I am much more relaxed now, Ella is my fourth child. Third to have made her way into this crazy world.
    believe me I can and do understand this crazy thing called mommyhood!
    Good Luck with the weight thing!

  5. Hey, I'm lazy and not reading all the suggestions, but here are mine:
    Hind milk is the heavier milk. When you see your milk come out and it shoots, looks kinda like water, that's fore milk - good for quenching thirst and filling bellies, but more like water. Hind milk is when your milk kinda oozes out and looks thick and creamy. THAT is what baby needs to gain milk. For some moms, feeding on both sides a feeding is great, because they don't produce much for milk. Some moms (like me) feed on one side per feeding, and it works out. Some moms feed on one side for 2,3,4 feedings in a row so that they get more hind milk. Maybe try doing that?

    But otherwise, as long as baby is happy, peeing and pooping lots, she should be ok. Just needs more calories in her diet. And don't worry if she looks skinny - my baby is in the 90th percentile for height, but only in the 50th for weight. And she is healthy and fine.

  6. my new niece has had the same problem. the pediatrician totally missed that she was tongue tied (and had to be clipped)! so make sure they check that. sorry about the worries - I'm sure in a month or two you'll have everything figured out.

  7. Love the kimono. You are a talented Mommy! I had a chuckle when I read the Martha comment - so, so true!


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