Monday, January 31, 2011

Sewing for baby

We are waiting on "snowmageddon" here. Heavy ice, sleet, and up to two feet (!!) of snow in some areas. Which areas? No one knows. The tv is full of panic talk - national guard, what to do when you are without power for days on end, how to feed yourselves, what to have on hand, etc.

It's a good time.

I am REALLY hoping we don't lose the power. With a three week old baby the idea of days of no electricity is slightly terrifying.

So I am doing whatever other totally irrational mother would do, sew for the baby!
I started with this Martha Stewart baby kimono . Which in typical Martha fashion took me DAYS to complete and made me want to poke out my eyes with a fork.

You know a project is not going well when the EASY part is sewing on the world's tiniest seam binding.

It looks sweet though. And now I have the bug. I want to sew more cute things for the baby!

Have any good links to share?

(I would show you a photo of it on the Junebug, but Lord almighty she has had a rough two days and I will not be waking her up for a photo session.)


  1. Oh, isn't that adorable?! How fun to make little girly clothes. There are so many cute outfits, especially for girls, than there was when my daughter was a baby. Being housebound due to snow would be a great time to sew or create crafts, though you will need to find something good to keep Jack busy, lol!

    I have never noticed, but I hope that you guys have an alternate source of heat, like a wood/pellet stove or working fireplace. We had a bad storm several years ago, that knocked out power for 10 days. If it hadn't been for our neighbor behind us that hadn't lost power, we would have lost everything in our freezers and wouldn't have the electrical fan for the woodstove to circulate the warmth a bit. We cooked on our grill that also has side burners, and we played lots of scrabble and put puzzles together by Coleman lantern light which was pretty fun really. The bad part was not having hot water for showers, and I was still working outside the home at that time.

    I will be praying the storm won't be too bad for you, AND I hope it won't keep my daughter from getting here from her home in Athens, Georgia on Thursday! Her mama really misses her :-)

    Boy, I hope that Dave isn't out of town on business or such or you will probably go a bit crazy dealing with the storm without him. Take care, sweetie!

  2. It was officially my worst day as a teacher today...if those kids asked ONE more time if we were leaving early, having school tomorrow, etc. I would have opened the window and jumped out ;-)

  3. What a sweet little kimono! We are also bracing for the snow... although every single storm this year has gone south of us, I think this one might actually hit its mark! I pray your power stays on... stay warm and safe!

  4. Binding kills me. You did a great job on that.

  5. Lol -- there will never be any waking o' the baby -- that's just silly talk! The little kimono is darling -- I'd go crazy if I had a babe to sew for!

    We're waiting on the big one too. We got 4" last night and everyone is prepping for the onslaught this afternoon. Schools are even closed today. This better not be a false alarm LOL!

  6. You did a beautiful job on the kimono. I am about to become a grandma for the 2nd time, so I'm doing some baby sewing as well. I bought a pattern for a "simple" lined kimono from Heirloom sewing for children, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. And I've been sewing for over 35 years. Frustrating! challenge to you, should you accept it... is to make us a pattern! Surely a baby kimono doesn't have to be as complicated as Martha and the "heirloom" bunch are trying to make it out to be! I'll buy the first copy and heck, I'll even be your test market and sew one up before you go "live" with it. You can whip this up in your...ahem....spare time! :)

  7. Oh what a cute little kimono, well done
    Hope the snow isn't tooo bad


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