Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From inspiration to reality

Before we moved into the new house I took a photo of this chalkboard armoire in a flea market style book:
I thought it would fun in a kids room or something.

Then at the last flea we went to in 2010, I bought this beat up old pantry cabinet. (After much discussion between Dave and I. He never moans about anything I buy, but he said not to buy this as it was too much of a wreck to fix.)

Shortly before Sammi arrived we rearranged our office and I found we needed more storage for Jack's papers and art supplies. I remembered the beat up pantry cabinet in the garage and it worked perfectly in the space for holding that stuff.

I decided to add chalkboard paint to the inserts because someone had tried to touch up the original paint there and it was NOT a good match, so it had bright white streaks. When I bought it I imagined I would wallpaper those inserts.

It's not *exactly* like my inspiration photo, but it works for me!

*I will show you my big thrift store score and the rest of that room as soon as I can track down some before shots around here.

**I do have curtains in there, I moved them to try and get more light. We had a weird ice storm thing this morning that was NOT forecasted.


  1. What a great piece--and the perfect shape for that spot. I need to chalkboard paint something in our house--a piece of furniture or wall or door or something.

  2. Sarah, I think your's is better than the inspirational photo. If those two were side by side at a flea market..I'd choose yours! Great job!

    Deanna :D

  3. Really cute, Sarah. What a great idea. I would say you WON in that discussion ;)

  4. I actually like yours better. Yours is less frenetic.

  5. Yuck -- I think your ice is headed our way. Boooooo.

    That cabinet is adorable -- what a clever, fun thing to fix up!

  6. If you're keeping track, I think I'm the third vote for I like yours better. The white frames really set off the chalkboard paint.

  7. I like it too - what are those words? A song lyric? It's different and I like that - no sappy verse or poem. Must be significant to your family.

  8. kacey8:59 AM

    I totally think yours is way nicer!!! I agree, it's less hectic than the inspiration photo. Damn, I want one! :)


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