Sunday, February 06, 2011

A geeky thrift score

The ped wants Sammi and I quarantined until March. That is REALLY hard to do. Especially since it just keeps snowing and Jack never gets to go to kindergarten. So once in awhile Sammi and I sneak out at 9 am to go to Goodwill. We are the only crazy fools in there at 9 am, and I wear her tightly guarded in my sling. (EDIT: Since everyone is curious - RSV and the flu are running rampant in our community right now. The ped is trying to avoid Sammi having a hospital stay from either of those. I was a little surprised myself when he mentioned it, since we didn't do any "stay away from people for 6 weeks" thing with Jack, but I trust that since he treats a huge number of children in one of the largest pediatric practices in our town that he knows what he is talking about. Since Jack goes to kindy this is hardly fail proof, but we have had a ton of snow days and have ramped up Jack's handwashing.)

This past week I spotted a ton of scientific glassware on the roll out cart there. I had no cart to put it all in, so I asked one of the employees* to help me carry it all up to the register.
There was a volumetric flask
and a bunch of graduated cylinders. (More than I have shown here.)
While I was feeding the baby, Jack got them all down and went to town measuring and moving water.
He knew immediately that they were for "chemistry". That made me proud!

I plan on using it all for a mad scientist lab for Halloween, but I have put it all in the pantry where Jack can reach it to experiment with in the meantime.

I also picked up another set of GloBonz. We have two partial sets of this stuff that I have thrifted before, and they are super fun to play with.

*She was really very nice, but it broke my science teacher heart in half when she asked me what all that stuff was for. How can a young woman not know what a graduated cylinder is? We are seriously failing our students.


  1. Those would be super cool at Halloween! I've been trying to come up with something to do with Valentine's Day gift bags. If you have any ideas or advice, please leave me a comment! I so have a mind block on this.

  2. Maybe (and I am really stretching it) the girl wanted to know what you planned to do with it?!?! Let's just hope that's what she meant. LOL

  3. I like how your mind works, because those really will be perfect for Halloween! And for teaching a kid all about liquid measurements, it's priceless. Jack is one smart boy!

  4. What an awesome, awesome find!

  5. As a HUGE Halloween freak, I'm very envious of your flasks and cylinders. Very very cool. I can't imagine being quarantined until March. Eek!

  6. such a score! i never find such great stuff at our stores, and i know jt would love to do some expiraments with these!
    (and i also wondered about the quarantine thing. i have heard this for babies who need heart transplants, etc., but sammi is doing well, right?)

  7. I love Jack!
    He is the most precious boy!

  8. Oh soo lucky! I love this sort of case you missed it, here is a link to my creepy mad scientist display from Halloween 2010! Looking forward to valentines!

    Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


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