Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I bought some Christmas onesies after Christmas that were cheaper than I can buy used clothes for Sammi at Goodwill. I figured they would be easy to make over and make useful for a few months.

Perhaps in my sleep deprived state I failed to realize HOW FREAKING BIG those pooh bears were. It was ridiculously challenging to make appliques that would actually cover them, and as you will see, I still had issues.
Feedsack flowers worked pretty well here.
The nesting doll (my favorite) works okay, but there are too many layers of fusible interfacing, making her stiff.
And while I LOVE the toadstool, you can still see Tigger through the stem. I've considered putting another stem on to see if it will cover it up, but who has time for that?
I am still working to capture that elusive smile...
oh! I got one!

And I got a photo of the kimono top I made on her finally. In between wiggles.

Sammi turned 6 weeks old yesterday.

At 6 weeks you are:
Kind of crazy needy right now. Hold me hold me hold me hold me hold me hold me hold me hold me. I am pretty sure we are holding you 23.5 hours a day.
Exclusively breastfed. I am super proud of that since there have been many days when I thought I could not go on another moment.
Fascinated by your brother. You will watch him do anything.
Trying to roll over already!
Tracking things with your eyes.
Long! It's hard to find sleeves long enough.
The most beautiful, wonderful baby we now.

Six weeks! Onward and upward baby girl.


  1. Darling onesies. I really like your toadstool...even if Tigger is peeking through. Beautiful pics of your daughter. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I see Jack in the smiling picture. She is so cute!

  3. Cute cute cute! All of it.

    You know she'll outgrow the tigger one before you can remake it. Just cover it with the kimono.

  4. This will sound ridiculous but I can't believe she's six weeks old already. (Oh, what will I say when she's two? Four?) She is one beautiful baby, that's for sure.

  5. She IS beautiful!! and wonderful... and fantastic...and and and!

  6. What a precious girl she is! She is already trying to roll...??!!?? Wow, she's going to be a go-getter!

    I love the way the fixed up the onesies..I think they are darling.

    Deanna :D

  7. Sarah! this is such a terrific thrifty idea! love it. you have to visit my blog right now to go and share it there! thanks :)

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