Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Heart to heart 2011

If you want to be surprised with your Valentine box, LOOK AWAY NOW!

A teensy bit of business first - I changed my comment settings to make it as easy as possible to leave a comment. Gone is the word verification. At least for now. I have tried that in the past and found myself deleting a lot of spam, but it's worth trying again. Second, a few of you have asked about Sammi's weight. Last week at her weigh in she was FINALLY gaining weight, and a LOT of it. She gained 11 ounces in seven days making her a whopping 9 lbs 2 ounces. So no more weigh ins! Woohoo to that.

Word on the street (aka facebook, lol) is that the heart to heart boxes are arriving fast and furiously. So I suppose it's time to start showing you the Valentines from this year!

Once we are all done with the Valentine show and tell there will be a special give away for one of my Makin' Projiks readers. :-)
Courtney made us these sweet fabric hearts.
Jane repurposed these tart tins to make photo holders.
Tiff made us these fun squirrels.

And my contribution this year were love birds, made with vintage nut cups and lace and millinery flowers and the birds that Jack and I put on one of our summer trees last year. I REALLY love how they turned out after trying out many other love bird ideas.

Back tomorrow with more Valentines!


  1. I absolutely LOVE all my goodies. Thank you for hosting the exchange. I can't wait to fill my craft room tree with all my lovely things.

  2. I love my goodies, too! Got 'em this morning!

  3. Me too - loved it all. Such fun little snippets of love from everyone is Blogland.

  4. Wow -- those are wonderful valentines! I love the vintage cups that you so cleverly decorated. And that photo holder -- too cute!

  5. Kacey9:31 AM

    I am so in love with that bird! Nice one, Sarah!


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