Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Heart to heart part two

I am so tired. I want to lie on the couch and have a good, solid three hour nap. This up all night business would be okay except that I have to shuttle Jack back and forth to kindergarten every day, at 8 30 and 12 30, making my time for a nap incredibly short since Miss Samantha starts winding herself up around 1 30 every afternoon.

And I have mentioned that we are entering that part of the year when I AM SO OVER WINTER? I need a warm day. I need a flea market. I need a long walk. I need the sun. Hurry up spring.

Anyway, on to the Valentines.
Sara sent a variety of sweet knit (or maybe they are crochet? I don't know the difference sadly.) hearts.
Colleen sent these super fun elephants.

And Kim sent these vintage inspired yummy chocolate boxes. (My chocolates promptly went in my belly.)

I told you the Valentines were good this year!

Now if I could just find a minute to finish the one I am working on for Dave. Oy.

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  1. What sweet valentines! That crocheted (or knit) one is beautiful!


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