Monday, February 14, 2011

My loves

Valentine's day is really about the loves of my life - the kids and my husband*. (Who will be missing from the photos here because I don't have a decent photo of him handy).

Speaking of photos, let's try and take one of both of the kids, okay?
How's that mom? Not bad, but your sister is looking at the light.
Ummm, mom, she is starting to get VERY wiggly here.
Mom, hurry!

At least Jack looks sweet. Sammi was WAY more interested in food than photos.
Jack made pirate valentines for his classmates. (From Mer Mag, google will get you a link, I am one handed here.)
I made Dave a new papercut. (From I think)
And Dave helped me make a button book for Jack. (I saw a photo of one on CRAFT I think.)
It's glued in between two buttons, the second one is facing the back here.

And Jack wrote me a valentine in the snow yesterday.


Happy valentine's day!

* Who changes diapers and makes bottles and gets up at 4 am when I cannot get up one.more.time and puts Jack to bed 14 times, mostly without complaint. :-)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Sarah! I love the pictures of your little sweeties.

  2. Hi Sarah! Happy Valentine's Day to your and yours. The children are so beautiful :D


  3. Looks like a fun, loving day :)

  4. Happy valentines Day Sarah. Love the photos of the kids, always fun trying to get a photo where they both look fine.

  5. Congrats on your little one! I've been offline for a few months (with a rough pregnancy) now and just seen. Yay....glad she arrived safely! Cutie pie! Happy vday!

  6. No doubt about it Sarah, you've got two very cute kids! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Supervute! Jack looks so mature in some of these snaps -- you can almost see what he'll look like as a teen!

  8. Those little loves sure are cute Sarah. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

  9. oh the challenge of taking pictures of multiple kids...looks like a fun valentines day with so much to love!

  10. Jack looks so grown up and so proud of his baby sister! Time sure flies fast--he wasn't much more than a baby when I first started to read your blog. I am guessing he is lots of help too; I thought it was nice my children being four years apart. My daughter loved to 'help' care for her baby brother. I truly cherish those early days of them together. Nice lookin' family there, Sarah.

  11. Those pictures are priceless! Jack is turning into one handsome boy and Sammie = Adorable.


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