Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Things to note:
Jack has chosen a heart to heart winner, who has been notified via email, thank you for entering!

A few times Jack has asked if we could have another brother or sister. Two days ago at dinner he "ordered" twins. Sure, Jack, I will pop on down to the Walgreens and pick us up another pair of babies! LOL (I am delighted that he has adjusted as well to Sammi as he has. He is having some difficulty with bedtime, but otherwise he is generally concerned and interested in her and not at all upset at the ridiculous amount of time he has to spend entertaining himself for the moment. It does bother him a *bit* more when it's Daddy spending a lot of time with her though.)

Sometime this winter Jack announced that there were now blue bears available from the teacher at kindergarten. (They use a green bear/red bear behavior system.) Since I never saw one of these mythical blue bears I just forgot about it. He mentioned on a few occasions that he REALLY wanted a blue bear, but I still never saw one.

Now he has managed to earn three of them in the last month. (Maybe it took him that long to figure out what the kids were doing to earn them? That's my guess. He is an observer.) The interesting part to me is what he chooses from the treasure box as his rewards. First he chose a wind up train. Second he chose a lightsaber pen. For the last one he chose a necklace made of shells.

I wonder what kind of other things are lurking in that box?

Sammi is back on the reflux* train. We started her on Zantac at week two when she wasn't gaining weight and it made an amazing difference in her crying/sleeping/etc. About 5 days ago she started doing what I call complaining and doing it a LOT. It has ramped up every single day since then and I have scarcely been able to set her down for a single moment in three days now. We went back to the ped this morning and after weighing her (a whopping 10 lbs 7 oz), he adjusted her meds up.

Fingers crossed that this will bring the happy, smiley baby back.

A BEAUTIFUL little present arrived yesterday in the midst of the complaining baby drama from Barbara. It made the day much brighter. Thank you Barbara.

* We played reflux roulette with Jack for many years. He happened to have a very severe case of it and needed those meds until he was almost three years old. I am not surprised to find ourselves there again, but I do hope it doesn't get as bad as it did with Jack. By 8 weeks I was in the middle of a nasty situation that lasted until he was 6 months old. Man, that was a long period of my life.


  1. You have my sympathy. I had forgotten about those wicked fussy months. HUGS!

  2. Jack I still like you even though apparently you didn't draw my name, since I didn't get an email from your mother. And I was just about to give you a blue bear!


  3. Marjorie's doctor had us doing the gas relief drops. I would nurse her and before moving her up to burp I would give her a shot of the drops, kind of shake her around a bit to get them mixed in her tummy and then burp her and it was SOOO much better. She didn't barf and she was so much happier.
    Our doctor told us to try that first then if that hadn't worked she would have had to go the hard core antacid. It took trial and error to figure out how to make those drops work but we finally did it. Good luck and I hope your happy baby returns soon.


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