Sunday, February 27, 2011

The return of the flea

It's been around 50 degrees the past two weekends, so we have made a return to the flea market.

I actually love the flea market this time of year. There are just a handful of vendors, very little crowds and cheap prices. Much better than the usual summer insanity.
This weekend I picked up these old baby beads. ("Those aren't clean enough for the baby," the lady told me. No really, I was going to feed her lead paint!) They are hanging in Sammi's room as "decor" not toys, no worries.

And a super cheap pile of stinky tablecloths.

Last weekend's find was super fantastic, but until I have more than 10 seconds to myself it isn't ready to make it's debut.

And on that note, the baby is screaming, Jack wants to do science projects and I just want to finish the sewing project I have strewn about the living room.

Hurry up spring. For real. :-)


  1. That's too funny. Wonder who she thought would buy the beads and what they would use them for? But really, I am amazed at the new but used, nasty baby stuff I see out for sale. Yuck!

  2. The tablecloths, even though they may stink - are fabulous. I haven't found a tablecloth in forever. Love the patina on the beads - I would use them for my bead dolls.

  3. o swoon. i am so ready to get to the season of flea markets and garage sales...

  4. Love everything you darling. I once found a stinky tablecloth but a friend recommended I set it outside for a day or two which I did and then I soaked it in Gain in the washer for a day and then set it outside to dry in the shade for another day. No stink.

    Deanna :D


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