Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A room of her own

Photos of Sammi's patchwork themed nursery.

I wish there was a way to get a photo of the whole room at once, but at only 10 x 10 and off my narrow hallway, it's impossible. I will try and tell you where things came from as we go, since one of my main goals was to not buy a lot of stuff*.
Patchwork wreath on the door. (Bloggy gift!)
Wall of doll quilts (still a work in progress!).
The doll I bought her at Christmas time in the garage sale doll bed. (I made the mattress from an old ticking pillow by tufting it.)
Corner cabinet holding my baby quilt collection. (Cabinet from a thrift store, paint was from the remodel.)
Glass wall sconce with the remnants of the perfect shade of pink paint on it. (Flea market find, I paid $2 for a whole box of wall mounted fixtures.)
It took me FOREVER to settle on the curtains. The polka dot panel is the original one I bought from Urban Outfitters with that patchwork rug nightmare. The pink velvet panels are old clearance panels from UO that I have used in our bedroom in the past.
Changing table area. Same changing table and baskets that were Jacks, but I did make new liners for the baskets. I still want to add bows and even them up a bit, but well, the baby arrived.
The crib corner. The crib was Jack's.
The "laundry line" above the crib. Dresses are gifts from some of you! and some from the flea.
Rocking chair and end table. (Both from garage sales.)
The art on this wall are vintage sewing cards (from one of you!) that I framed out by putting vintage fabric over the mat board. (Frames from Target.)
Need to retape this one, he's slipping a bit.
And my FAVORITE vintage fabric from Heidi frames this one.

The mirror over the changing table. Not a great photo, but I love the see through detail on the edge of this mirror.

Paint is Martha Winter's Day.

I actually love how it turned out in the end. It was a big battle to get there though.

Okay, baby fussing.

*Items purchased new: one lampshade, one curtain panel, three picture frames, two silver cabinet handles, paint for the walls, and the shelving above the changing table. Everything else we already owned, I bought second hand via craigslist (changing pad, bumper pad, wipe warmer, etc.), or I was able to get while out junking. I am quite proud of how little money it actually took to do her room. :-)


  1. I've been eagerly awaiting this post. I love all your little touches. It's just lovely.

  2. So beautiful! Lucky Sammi : ) It all looks precious. Love the clothes line the most!

  3. Sooo incredibly cute!! You should submit to ohdeedoh!!

  4. I love how the room turned out. I love the clothesline with the dresses - great idea. Super!

  5. I love it! It all came together so nicely, and how fun that when you look around Sammi's room you can be reminded of all of your online friends who love you! :)

    PS-whatever happened to the UO doily rug that you ordered after seeing in in CL?

  6. Absolutely darling! One day I am going to copy each detail of this room!! Just the perfect blend of colors.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous--feminine but not too babyish--a room to grow in!!

  8. This is just gorgeous, Sarah! I think it's perfect!

  9. This is beautiful and so happy for you with the birth of this lovely baby girl!

  10. Love it, and I don't know where to start! That wall sconce is so pretty, the color of the cabinet is scrumptious, and the wall of quilts and the laundry line are just precious. Sammi is one lucky girl!

  11. I love it. This is a baby room for my tastes! When I was looking for inspiration when I did my twins' room I would have loved to see this. Nice, gentle colors and not some garish cartoon theme... My twins are now a year old and I still love their sweet, kind of shabby-chic room that I didn't spend a fortune on. Your little one's room gives me the same warm feeling.

  12. OMG that turned out SO cute! Love everything. What a sweet nursery.


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