Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Crib bumper restyled

I did it.
I took the plunge and cut apart the pottery barn crib bumper to make it into something useful...
huge, super fun, soft blocks. Each block has two of the appliqued panels and then two panels of the other fabrics.

I used nothing else but thread. Every part of the blocks is from the bumpers. The fabric, the piping, the stuffing. (The small one* is a little lumpy because I hadn't sorted out the best way to stuff them yet. I think I might restuff that one.)

All that remains is a small pile of fabric.

The best part is that even with cutting out four panels per block (I decided against just using a strip of the bumper because I wanted more definition on the edges), I was able to manage the whole project in just a few hours time in between caring for Sammi and Jack.

Hooray for upcycling, recycling, and restyling crib bumper style.

*I really wanted three big blocks, but because of the handmade look of the bumper none of the appliqued panels were the same size and there was no way to eek out a third without having it be even more patchworky. If that makes sense.


  1. Ack! So cute! What a great idea to use the bumper.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Clever and resourceful girl!

    Andrea in CA

  3. They came out great!! And much more useful to you now. :)

  4. way cooler than the bumper! i am very impressed and awed that you were able to do it during naptime!

  5. So great! Love these!

  6. That is fabulous!! See, arent you glad you cut it?

  7. Speaking of that, I have Morgan's bumper in my bedroom and can't decide what to do with it. I am all for cutting it, but into what?

  8. Cute! I see bumpers at the thrift all the time--nice ones. Of course, I made our bumpers into valences and another into a "body"-type pillow that goes where the bed meets the wall. (does that make sense?)

  9. YAY you!! Great work!


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