Tuesday, March 08, 2011

crushing on

A few things that make my heart go pitter patter right now:

This wall of maps in this little boy's room. Jack doesn't LOVE it, but I might do it anyway. (He LOVES globes.)
This thrifted duvet cover from pottery barn teen, which is the most delicious warm, sunshiney shade of melon. I've bought Sammi quite a few outfits in that color. Love it.
This handkerchief quilt from the Martha Stewart encyclopedia of sewing.
This doily tablecloth from the same book.

And this baby book from the same Martha book.

Also, if you LIKE Valspar paint on facebook they are doing another free paint sample giveaway. I picked a melon color. Surprise, eh?

Now if I could just find a new wreath for the front door that I could actually get made. In pink. Our blue door needs more pink.

Or maybe it needs something in melon!


What are you crushing on right now? (I have nothing but time to browse the internet since I just spend the days sitting in this chair feeding the baby right now. Ha.)

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