Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute kids on a Tuesday

I am feeling stressed today. Not sleeping well, Jack being rambunctious, trapped in the house, baby crying, BLAH.

So let's look at the kids being cute.
Jack made a fabulous snowman. (I wish I could have helped him, but the crying baby and my complete lack of any boots kept me in the house.)
Sammi discovered the joy of toys. Hopefully moments of entertaining herself are not far behind.
And then there is just plain cute...

times two.


  1. You definitely have two cuties. I love Jack's snowman eyes.

  2. the hat the hat eek! Could eat that up its so cute!

  3. I'm telling you -- it's a March hangover. We. Need. Spring.

    And Jack did that snowman alone? It's fantastic!


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