Monday, March 14, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

Let's pretend it is still Sunday, okay?

Also, let's remember that yes, I went to the flea market for "opening" weekend yesterday and yes, it was brrrrrrrrrrrr freezing, but today?
Today it is freaking snowing.
On the first day of spring break. And it just keeps snowing!

But never mind that for a minute. (Jack and I need to shovel us out here right soon, Sammi needs her meds from Target stat.) I did buy some stuff yesterday:
a towel holder for the kitchen (I had one like this at the old house and I have always regretted not making Dave take it down);
a soap dish for next to the claw foot tub (must remember bar keepers friend while at Target so I can clean it up);
a fun hand made scalloped hook shelf which used to have decals but will get a fresh coat of paint on Thursday (when it is 75 degrees again);
the man in the moon (the dealer said every photo studio used to have a moon for getting your photo taken with, I am now on a QUEST to find more of these photos);
and the talk of every dealer at the flea market when they saw it - a new frame;

it's huge and gorgeous and I plan to fill it with black and white photos just casually stuck in there (you know, when I have 10 extra free minutes again, hahahahaha, I crack myself up).

I saw that Shara has up her junking wish list for 2011 and I thought it would be fun to make one of my own. Except I have no time to think about it. But here's my short wish list:

*a living room rug (Sammi will be crawling before I know it)
*a paper mache rabbit with a basket on his back
*a really cool book shelf for Jack's room to replace his box store particle board one
*maps! so I can do a wall of maps
*a great shelf for the laundry room
*a quilt rack like this one
*more dishes for every day use (I broke a lot of ours when I was pregnant and clumsy, and we eat off of lovely vintage flowery china every day)
*another wrap for carrying Sammi (something like a sleepy baby wrap or a maya wrap I think)
*and more moon photos!

Do you have a wish list ready yet? What's on it?


  1. I love all your flea market goodies and that black/white moon picture is very cool. Hang in there with your white stuff. We still have snow banks in West MI. I'm dreaming of spring. Happy Monday!

  2. Wow, and I thought our weather was crazy! I can't wait 'til it's warm enough here to paint outside. Love all of your finds, especially that moon photo, and the idea of putting b&w pics in that gorgeous frame!

  3. I think I just started a list and put moon photos on it. Those are fabulous! I think I'm going for farm stuff this year. I can't explain what that means. Just farm stuff. Useful things that would be found on a farm. Not cow figurines (aaccckkk).

  4. I have one of those old towel racks that I need installed, but my non handy husband cannot seem to do it.

    Everytime I come across my name in a blog I am like, "What did I do??????" :D

    It is cold and rainy here today, but no snow. I think Spring Break is next week, so that is when the snow should really hit. HA.

  5. You should make your own wrap; The hardest part of a ring sling is getting the proper rings. Just serge the edges and then sew the rings on. It's definitely naptime doable. A moby is even easier; just buy the yardage, and cut it in half lengthwise to make the proper width fabric.

  6. Love our new goodies. I hope we don't get an more snow, it's just beginning to finally melt here.

    Come up to Maine if you want one of those quilt racks, they must have been quite popular in the day as I have come across several of them and have one in my bedroom that I got at a yardsale for $5.(though mine isn't blue, just a yellowed stain). If I'm not mistaken, that is Amanda Soule's bathroom, right? She is a fellow Mainer.

    If I come across another cheap one I can pick it up for you, maybe we can find an inexpensive way to ship it.

  7. I want one of those bunny with baskets on the back but they are so expensive. I found a repro of from dept 52 and am in the process of painting it a light pink. It will have to do until I can find one garage saleing or somewhere cheap. I'm not about to pay $25 for one. I paid $3 for mine at the thrift and already had the pink paint! Good luck with your list!

  8. We love our wrapsody wrap.

  9. Nice list.. kind of want to make one:) hmmmmm

  10. You found some really cool stuff! I love it all. I have to say that I've never, to my knowledge, seen a moon photo like that. But what a great collection it would be!

  11. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I found these map graphics at and thought of you.


    thissideofgaudy (I don't know why I am now a string of numbers in the credits)


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