Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keepin' it real on a Wednesday

Two weeks ago I decided I need a new front door wreath. After many store visits (everything is crazy expensive or just so blah), I settled on the infamous coffee filter wreath.

You know the one. Blogs out there proclaim it to be so CHEAP! and so EASY you can do it in 30 minutes!

Uh huh. This sucker took at least 4 trips to the store, 90,000 coffee filters, 90,000 pins (I cannot hot glue things right now. I just don't have that kind of time and Jack would end up burning himself when I had to go do something else), and many hours of frustration and cursing.
And let's talk about the end result. This thing is so big I swear to you it is like the wreath that ate Manhattan.

It is kind of pretty though.

In other keepin' it real news:
Sammi is a super pooper. She never poops without pooping through everything near her. This morning's mess started with these ill fated words, "MOM! Sister just exploded all over the couch!" Through the diaper, through the onesie, through the overalls, through the slipcover on the couch, through the cover on the inside of the cushion and INTO the feathers in the cushion. I will forever have baby poop yellow feathers inside my good couch. Good times, that.

Jack was playing with Sammi and accidentally pinched her little finger with toy. Instead of just answering me when I asked what was the problem he got embarrassed and upset and started to cry and growl and refuse to tell me what the issue was. I HATE having to get demanding over something that is really no big deal, but his (quite usual for him) refusal to answer me when something "bad" has happened is starting to get really frustrating. I have tried everything under the sun to help him get beyond this extreme embarrassment thing and I am STILL getting nowhere. (And it is kind of important that he is able to speak when he gets hurt. Next year he will be at school for 8 hours a day without me.)

I am not sleeping at all right now. And Sammi is mostly sleeping through the night. And yet I am awake from 3 am on. Part of my infertility struggles include really low progesterone and that beastly MTHFR. Something about the MTHFR means that I don't metabolize B vitamins well. Which means something about my serotonin uptake is not right. When I was trying to get pregnant I found that all the drugs and vitamins they had me taking worked wonders on keeping my anxiety at bay. Now that I am without that stuff again I just worry myself endlessly. At 3 am. My OB gave me some folate supplement which helps. BUT it gives me insomnia. GAH. This part is sucking right now.

Jack is becoming REALLY frustrated with all the baby talk from strangers. He has started to yell out things like "It's a newborn people, come on!" or "Would you people PLEASE knock it off!" Which, well, kind of makes me laugh because I am getting a bit tired of it too. (Well, I am tired of the "Zoo animal" like talk about me wearing her in a sling.) But also, I feel bad for him. He does not want to answer "do you like her?" another time. I get it. He is a super awesome kid and he surely has a lot more to offer than useless answers about being a brother when there is really no "brothering" to be done right now. The extent of his brothering involves getting me a towel when there is poop all over the couch and the counter and me and her! LOL

I had a few hours alone with Jack on Saturday and I was surprised to discover how much I miss him. I had time to actually listen to him and play postman Pat and make him dinner without rushing. I look forward to Sammi getting on a more regular napping schedule so we can have that again soon.

And that's the view from my chair this week.


  1. I couldn't read and not post. My son was almost 5 when my daughter was born, and he went through a lot of the same things. He still gets jealous now that she is a toddler, but at least he can chase her around and make her giggle, which he loves! I do wish I had more alone time with him, but it's hard to muster the energy sometimes.

  2. Today is our 3 year adoption anniversary. When I look back at where we were the first few days of her adoption and all the "nasty" stuff we would endure down the road with sibling jealousy and medical drama, I am amazed we pulled through. Hang in there, my friend. PS. Your coffee filter wreath is divine!!!

  3. Good luck with all the changes in the family, it will work itself out in time... I love your wreath~

  4. Wow! Glad you told us how hard the wreath was to make! I've found that things are rarely as easy for me as people say they are. But it did turn out really pretty. Love the little crocheted flower. Perfect.

    I saw the poopy comment on Facebook. Made me grin, but I kinda didn't want to say so. ;-)

    People tend to forget there's another kid around when there's a baby. I've always tried to talk to the big brother or sister without mentioning the baby, but sometimes it's hard to figure out what to say.

  5. I sometimes have a hard time getting my daughter to speak up when I need her to. I am seriously lacking in the patience department and have had to learn to remain calm and explain to her why I need her to tell me these things. Maybe Jack thought he would be in trouble for what he did?
    My daughter is getting better, but it needs time, and love and patience to get through. Just remember to stay calm. And good luck.

  6. The wreath is gorgeous!!

  7. Sarah, thanks for keeping it real! That is why I love coming to your blog. The wreath by the way is AWESOME - I want one! I also had to laugh at Jack's comments to people. Very funny. Thank you for sharing them. From what I can tell from reading your blog you are an awesome Mom. Hang in there - it will get better. I know it sounds cliche - but from a mom of 2 who are 6 and 10 I speak from experience. Love ya! Katie

  8. I think it turned out cute! I'm thinking about making one for Layla's upcoming art party.


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