Friday, March 25, 2011

Living room, take 3

I rearranged the living room. Again. Here it is before .

And here it is after:

This is the third time I've rearranged it, but the best arrangement yet. The space finally feels cozy and better utilized. (I need to take down the pom poms from Sammi's party. Oops.)
And I still need to do something with the stuff on this bookshelf. It's hard to figure out what I can put on it that will be kid friendly. The photo albums stay though. They were up high before and I wasn't able to revisit them with Jack, which we like to do.

And just because no post is complete without sweet cheeks (who is screaming her bloody head off right now), she learned how to hit and kick the toys on the play gym last week!

Thank the gods it is Friday and Dave will be here for two days. Holding the baby 24 hours a day is starting to wear on me this week. Oof.

Happy Friday ya'll.


  1. It's gorgeous! I especially love those curtains and the prints on the wall. And I insist on a shot of Cutie Pie in every post, ok?!

  2. I just took down the flair from Edie's birthday party in January. I vote leaving the pom-poms up just a little bit longer.

  3. Love it. Its inviting, casual, comfortable and filled to the gills with gorgeousness especially that beauty on the floor. Oh the pottery she will inherit...drool...Renee

  4. The living room looks great. I love that you actually do look at your photo albums. And, is that a custom playmat? Hard to believe something commercial could actually have such nice fabrics.

  5. Sarah, everything is so pretty! I love it all. Sammi is a perfect accessory in the room, too! Wanted to let you know that I re-used my valentine you made in with my easter decor! I'll get some more photos up soon--I've got a mess still from the kitchen remodel!

  6. It looks lovely! I wish I could figure out what to do with our living room. It's a rectangle and one wall is almost all sliding glass door.


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