Monday, March 07, 2011

The office made over, again.

Bah. Last week was stressful. I am glad it's over.

We still have a few spaces in this house that I feel like we haven't really "flushed" out properly. The office continued to be one of those places.

Shortly before Sammi was born I decided we should make over part of it. Again.
This is what the desk area looked like before. (Except this photo is midway through removing the big computer and stuff.)

We put the computer into an IKEA armoire in that room so that you can close the doors and not look at the mess.
What kicked the whole make over off was finding that yellow settee at a thrift before Christmas. If you read design blogs you have seen those things all over the place. And it has been on my "oh please let me find one thrifting" list for awhile. When I saw it I scooped it right up, despite not a so thrifty price tag of $50.
Then I got busy scouring the house and the basement for more stuff for the collage wall. I dug in the junk drawers and pulled out these skeleton keys which I just glued to a wooden plaque with scrapbook paper and a doily.

And I LOVE this metal frame which is covered with birds. (You can probably see it better if you click to enlarge.)

I would still like to scrounge up a few more small things for the left edge of the wall, but it so much nicer now!

Now if I could only figure out a really happy arrangement for the living room furniture...


  1. I've been ready for another house tour from you. I love your office wall. It's just fabulous.

  2. $50 is a darn good thrifty furniture price in my humble opinion.
    I love it. I want one too.....

  3. Love the collage wall. Love it! I especially love that I can see Raggady Anne in the mirror.

  4. Looking good! And $50 doesn't sound like too bad of a price for the settee. Loving the birdy frame, too.

  5. Your room belongs on a design blog ... love all of it (and yes, especially the Raggedy Ann; I had to enlarge the photo to see what that was). Love all the pictures and frames and what-not - I don't think I have the skill set to arrange them so artfully.


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