Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday Finds

While Jack was at my mom's house on Saturday, Dave and I spent a fair amount of time running around hunting for a milk glass collection for Sammi's godparents as a thank you gift. (A weird thank you gift perhaps, but I hope it will be sentimental to her godmother, who has fond memories of her own grandpa's collections.)

We stopped at a garage sale that started at 7 am at well past noon and there was this dollhouse, still waiting for us.
It's not perfect, but I had one of these as a child that my own grandpa bought for me at the auction one Saturday. (I loved going to the auction with my grandparents, born and bred on junking I am!)
As we were loading it in the car a woman stopped us and told us she had one of those as a child too. She was reliving her memories with us when she said she was going to cry and asked if she could touch it. A little strange, lol, but whatever. (As long as you don't ask to touch the baby it's all good with me!)

I am pleased as punch that now Sammi will have one too. (Jack declared it a "cool farmhouse" when he saw it late that night. He attempted to spend the night at Oma's house and we had to go collect at 9 pm. Just as I expected we would, ha.)
I also picked up a little vintage book...
with sweet graphics.

And a frame for the hall of frames. Which is overflowing. I must stop my obsession with frames or start culling the herd.

Difficult choices there.

It's 80 degrees again and I am attempting to paint a pile of projects with Sammi while Jack is at kindy. I think I am going to need a lot of luck to get anything done!


  1. Love all the goodies...especially the dollhouse. Next to doll beds, dollhouses are my next favorite obsession. I posted my doll bed collection on the blog today. I'm glad you were able to get out and do some exploring over the weekend. Cheers!

  2. I can't believe no one had snapped the little house up by then! It was meant for Sammie. I had a similar one when I was little, too. It was an older version, seems like it was maybe a hand-me-down for an older cousin. But I always loved it and every time I see one, I get the warm fuzzies. But I don't feel the need to touch.

  3. Sarah I have the twin in I am not creepy in the touchy way...hah...I posted on it 2 weeks ago. That rifle above the fireplace cracks me up. And the Rand McNally book I keep mine in an enamel dish lined up they are just the cutest books with great graphics. I have been able to add to these houses from ebay if they are missing windows and such. I am posting later this week about how I ended up decorating with mine...thanks for sharing all the real stuff...Smiles...Renee

  4. I sold my metal one when we left NC...sniff! Maybe I will find another one:)


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