Saturday, May 21, 2011

A glass half full

I have been feeling so freaking burnt out for awhile now.

It's been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
But tonight I sat rocking Sammi to sleep on our lovely front porch...

while Jack and Dad played baseball in the big backyard and thought about being grateful for a few minutes.

Right now I am grateful for:
a neighborhood that is so quiet on a beautiful, warm, spring evening that I can rock the baby to sleep on the front porch where my grandma certainly spent many an evening with a little me;
a bank account that is still *just* big enough to pay our wonderful handyman to fix my kitchen, even when it takes twice as long as expected;
awesome seats at Bon Jovi tomorrow;
a little time to sew;
coupons, oddly enough, which have allowed to me to keep our bellies and pantry full for a lot less money, which affords some sense of financial security in an uncertain world;
wal-mart, who ever so kindly put rebate notices from the electric company on the window air conditioners, which will save me 30% on a much needed a/c unit for our sweltering bedroom;
a working telephone again!, which allows me to call Sammi's godmother, who also happens to be the best friend a girl could have, because she will not only understand my excitement over a rebate, but she gets it when I want to sell the kids and/or David to the gypsies;
And the frogs. The frog songs in this house are truly spectacular when it is warm.

How about you?


  1. What a lovely post.
    I am grateful that a year ago today I married my beautiful husband and it's going very well!
    I'm grateful that we were able to move from London into the countryside and go on magical walks every day with our dog
    I am grateful to have found the courage to at least start making jewellery and just see what unfolds (thanks to you!!)
    I am grateful that my brother has found love and is getting married in two weeks and therefore I am grateful that I will have a sister-in-law who ROCKS!

    Sometimes the only way out is through, we have to put our heads down and plough on until things change - in the meantime taking moments to focus on what you are grateful for will make it all the more easy! Well done - you are clearly a resilient chic! Perhaps you might add to your list: 'grateful that what I write in my blog resonates with my readers and inspires them to do new things' (just a thought!)

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to remember to be grateful! I find my self wallowing a lot. My hub is out of town 60% of the time, which I don't really post about because of creepers:) I didn't plan on being a single mom to 4 60% of the time and then work two days and only have one day as a family! Not ideal... that being said... they are all healthy and we mostly have what we need!


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