Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hapde Mudder's Day

This Mother's Day I could tell you that I was wishing for someone else to
sweep the floors
do the wash
clean the dishes
mop up the milk
get the mail
answer the phone
cook the meals
scrub the toilets
sweep the porch
pick up the trash that lands everywhere
gather up the cat hair
or any one of the thousand other things I do in a day.

I could tell you that my day started with
Sammi puking on me
Jack screeching
and hitting and kicking me while having a tantrum
2 loads of laundry
one load of dishes
feeding the baby by 6 am
a howling baby all the way home from the flea market
a husband being out of town for a large part of today and the entire week (UGH)
and a splitting headache.

Or, I could just tell you that when I look at this:
or this:

it is all forgotten.

At least until Jack starts screeching again and Sammi needs to eat (which will be followed by more puke) and the cat yacks on the new rug and Dave gets on the airplane.


Hapde Mudder's Day!

I will be back this week with a LOT of junk. A metric ton of junk. I am pretty sure this weekend's junking was so good it will fill an entire week's worth of blog posts.


  1. Hapde Mudder's Day...and well deserved. I have been to the grocery store and done 3 loads so far. It is a never ending job. Smiles...Renee

  2. Two loads of laundry, made the bed, did the dishes, made brekfast, hired a kid to mow (which is more like a gift to DH than for me) and swept the porch. Some Mudder's Day, huh? Oh well, hope you have fun at least for a minute (the flea market sounds good - I only get a trip to Lowe's).

  3. Happy Mothers' Day! Sounds like you need a baby sitter and a mojito or 3!

    Wish I lived closer I used to teach 4 year olds in Sunday School--I think I could handle the two of yours for a few hours!

    Get some rest if you can!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


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