Monday, May 09, 2011

The parade of stuff

Goodwill opened a new outlet in downtown St Louis last week, so when we had free time on Friday we hauled ourselves down there. (Instead of going to Iowa, like I really wanted to!)

If you don't know about the "goodwill outlet" yet here's a quick rundown - they sell everything by the pound. It is essentially the last stop for all the Goodwill merchandise here. If it cannot be sold in a store (reject for whatever reason) or hasn't sold within x number of days it moves to the outlet. Everything at the outlet is sold out of big blue bins. The bins are on wheels and are rolled onto the floor and then (reportedly, we were there an hour and this did not happen) changed every 30 minutes. Whatever hasn't sold after it has been on the floor for 30 minutes goes into the recycling stream. So, there is NO organization at all. Linens are piled in with clothes, shoes, household goods etc. They did try and keep the books together though. And then everyone and their brother stands around and roots through huge dirty bins.

It was actually pretty fun.

And I bought a lot of stuff.

Pretty plates for the plate wall.
A quilt that was torn into two pieces and sort of ratty (but I can repurpose it).

With cute scarecrows on the back of one half of it.
A metal top.
A hanging rack for Sammi's room when she gets a bit bigger (needs a different coat of paint).
An awesome pyrex bowl (love stripes but never find that pattern!).
A tablecloth that is in "ok" shape.
And aprons (which were perfect).

If you don't mind digging and are looking for stuff that can be repurposed, it's the place to be. If you need nice neat and tidy things that are ready to use, the Goodwill outlet is probably not for you.


  1. I've never heard of a Goodwill outlet. Most of the stuff in our thrift stores looks like it could go straight to such a location. (It's been really bad lately!)

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I just checked and there is a Goodwill Outlet not too far from where I live. Seeing what great things you found there has me itching to take a trip to see what I can find. I love that Pyrex bowl you found -- I have a similar pink striped one.

  3. They opened one of those stores close to me but can you believe I've never been! Taking my kids to the regular thrift is an exercise in torture so I figured that a place like this would be literally impossible with them in tow and my kid-free time is limited. Seeing the treasures you've found makes me want to boogie right over there, though! That's some good stuff.

  4. sounds fun! i love digging:)

  5. There's a GW Outlet in Asheville, NC, near my parents!!! We LOVE it!! So much so that last summer when we visited them on vacation we had to leave the kids so we could haul our treasures back home. Birmingham, Al is halfway so we just met there and got them a few weeks later.

    Do they sell it by the pound there? The one we visited was $1.10 per pound and $.59 for the books.

  6. You did good. I've never been to an outlet. Looks like it was worth the effort. I'd be scooping up those aprons in a heartbeat.

  7. at the Goodwill outlet in NLR Arkansas the only thing that is in the bins is clothes, all the housegoods, electronics, etc is on shelves just like in a regular Goodwill, and are set prices, not sold by the pound, I bought a tv/vcr combo there earlier this year for 12.00 super cheap prices

  8. Anonymous3:13 PM

    You did find some really cool stuff. I love the vintage top! And that Pyrex blue striped bowl is wonderful!!

    Fabulous finds!

  9. I found a quilt at the GW outlet in Tucson, AZ that is similar to yours. I love it! I also have that same tablecloth. You found some great things!

  10. Nice haul...sounds like it was worth the puke of the weekend. The scarecrow is darling. Nothing is worth it unless you have to dig for it....smiles...Renee


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