Friday, May 06, 2011


I was watching Oprah on the Nate Show this morning while Dave and Jack are on Jack's first field trip (!), and something she said struck a chord with me.

She was telling Nate that green is her favorite color because green to her is the color of life. I noticed that as they were talking they were sitting in green chairs and she was wearing a green sweater.

And I started to think about my own favorite color. I have loved pink since just before we moved to Florida. I used to ABHOR pink. It was deemed "way too girly, far too feminine and completely unflattering."

So I had a look around the house (while wearing my pink tee shirt, I might add) and took a few quick photos of the pink we live with everyday:

Even the dirty laundry the baby is riding on is pink...

and so are the cats with their soft pink ears and noses.

I was totally wrong about pink. It is soft and lovely and flattering and quite easy to live with after all. I can spot pink from more than a 100 paces away. If given a choice, I will always choose pink.

What's your favorite color and why? (And yes! I am really asking. I love the "dialogue" of blogging as much as any other part of it.)


  1. I love all colors!! Ok, well most of them. Not too fond of maroon, country blue or hunter green(all the 80s colors that were so heavy). Colors invoke moods so there are days I enjoy being in my weird gray bedroom and days I'd rather be in my sunny green kitchen. I tend to wear more reds and earth and jewel tones than pastels.

    I love all of my blog friends' senses of color, from your vintage, soothing rooms to Laini Taylor's vibrant style.( scroll down a bit to find her White vs Color Smackdown. There is MUCH inspiration from bloggers!!

  2. My kids tease me and say my favorite color is "clear" because I really don't have one.
    I am drawn to the aqua blues and pinks, but I don't decorate with them(at least not until I get my 2nd home dream cottage!). I tend to go with darks, blacks, mustards, reds, navy, and tans for my decor, BUT within the last few months my taste is changing for my home, I'm lightening up with whites and cream. I guess the one color that I don't decorate with is green, other than plants. Well that ended up being a long answer with no real conclusion to your question, ha, I guess my kids are right!

  3. Mary Ann11:03 AM

    I love green for decorating, but for everything else, PURPLE!

  4. I seem to go by spells. When we moved in (17 years ago!) (and there's probably still a box we haven't unpacked) I was a blue girl. Now it's green. But I always need touches of something else. Like a little red, or even lately yellow. I love your pinks, even though I just banished them. I know I don't like any colors that aren't what I think of as clear primary colors - like rose, teal, that kind of thing. But I could probably make an exception there, too.

  5. I would have to say that green is my favorite color, with red and pink coming in at a tie! I used to HATE pink, only because I was forced to live with pink carpeting in our living and dining room. I still bless the day my husband ripped it up and refinished the wood floors!

  6. Can I have 2 favorites? My #1 has always been RED, ever since high school, maybe even earlier than that. But in the last 7 years my new co-favorite is turquoise/aqua. I love it on its own, but I also adore it with red!

    In fact, just yesterday I decided that I'm going to paint over the navy walls in my family room with a lovely pale aqua, inspired by a photo in the May Country Living (the one with the aqua walls & the doily stretcher). I'm headed to pick out paint today and I can't wait!

  7. Yellow! It's such a hopeful, happy colour. I love red and green too but I have always favored yellow.

  8. I am a pink fan too. I don't have much in the house to speak of, but I hope to change that someday when we get new carpeting. It is green now and that would look bad with pink.

    I have a pink purse, pink checkbook, pink coupon folder, pink water bottle, pink camera case, tons of pink jewelry and I wear a different shade of pink nearly every day. If there is a choice in colors and pink is an option - count me in for pink! My son loves bright orange and my husband loves red. Pink, orange and red - could it be amy more garrish????

  9. As a kid it was light blue.Pink was my favorite color in HS. In my twenties it was red. And now, now I am on a green kick. My house is still mostly red, but I tend to wear more green and am lately drawn to green. It's never been neutrals though.

  10. Pink is my fav, too!!! I don't care if it's girly! I'm wearing pink undies today (and I'm a boy!!!)

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  11. Never thought of pink that way but you are so right. As I was reading the post I was thinking about all the yellow (my favorite) in my house. It reminds me of warmth, happiness, sun, energy, babies? , kitchens/food!, and light. Inevitably I can always find it in pottery, nursery pieces, childrens books, and old kitchen items. Thanks for sharing. Remember my rule don't follow the trends, too many women already do! Smiles....Renee

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  14. Hi, My favorite color is red and every time I see anything red the color makes me very happy. I love other colors also of course but red is it for me!



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