Sunday, May 01, 2011

What did Sarah drag home this week?

Yesterday there was a city wide yard sale that we hit up (with both kids in tow), and I bought a surprising amount of stuff. (This isn't even all of it, lol.) (And we are not going to mention the odd things in the photos anymore, right? We are all, ahem *I'm*, going to accept that I have only 12 seconds in any given day to take these photos.)
I could NOT leave this behind. It is beautiful. It's an antique baby bed (that someone shortened at some point.)

It's big though! As big as the office settee. And I don't know what to do with it! I bargained the price down though and there was no way I was leaving it behind.

Now, help me figure out what to do with it? It's way too big for a doll bed.
A beautiful vintage hat. That I totally would have worn on the royal wedding day. (Did you see those hats?)
A perfectly pink piece of pottery.
An opalescent piece of milk glass.
Two ball jars that will soon be bathroom soap dispensers.
A plate for the plate wall.
A pair of shelf brackets for my laundry room shelf (once I get them painted pink).
A sweet mirror for the hallway, if you can look beyond all the stuff in the kitchen and see the details at the top and bottom.
And what I first thought was a big tablecloth and a matching runner (below), but are really an old bed cover (see those cut outs on the end for the bedframe?)...
and the matching "runner" which is really a cover for the pillows.

They will be used on tables for me though.

They both have sweet pink roses embroidered on them and lovely scalloped edges...

and their old laundry marks too.



  1. Nice article, thanks for the information.

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  3. Great finds! That bed is so cool. Wonder if there is a way to convert it into a bench or something down those lines?

    I'm anxiously awaiting garage sales to start up here. Won't be long!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. Love, love, lovin' the baby bed! I would have snatched it too! You could make it into a bench, or a coffee table, or put a fabric liner in the bottom and make it a toy bin.

  5. Anonymous6:14 PM

    You find such GREAT STUFF!!!! I am in awe...especially that you still go! I think about it...but usually chicken out. Vicki

  6. Hi! new reader here!

    i have an antique double bed (that's actually one of a pair) that is spindly like that. it's wonderful!!! it was a hand me down from my grandmother (and i'm pretty sure it was, at the very least, her mother's)

  7. How about this DIY idea for your baby bed??

    (check out the 5th one - that's almost exactly what you could do?


    (a shorter link to the DIY baby bed suggestion!)

  9. Love all your finds. Wishing I was at a flea market today.

  10. We have a full vintage crib with adorable artwork on the ends that we use as a catch all for stuffed animals in the playroom. Was a $6 find at a garage sale that I couldn't leave behind!

  11. I'm going to try to make a pair of ball jar soap pumps tonight for Mother's Day gifts. Hope it works! Those pint jars were HARD to find.

  12. Seriously, I missed this post. You have a magnet for these pottery pieces. That bed is gorgeous. I have had my eye on an old day bed with that Jenny Lind look. Linens would be great for patchwork or even easier folded in a cupboard. Thanks for sharing...can I borrow the magnet next week? Smiles..Renee

  13. Good finds :) Gina and I both tried that hat on :) LOVED it but I am seriously trying to declutter my life right now! I big heart love our city wide yard sale!


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