Tuesday, June 07, 2011

3:11 am


This year we have had:
a crazy amount of snow
FREEZING cold winter
tornadoes galore
FREEZING cold spring with tons of rain
epic flooding
record breaking heat already (broke 100 year old records)
a plague of cicadas (honestly, it is like that scene in little house on the prairie where the skies are just black with grasshoppers when you see it)
and now last night, at 3:11 am, an earthquake.

I woke up TERRIFIED for the children because the window screens were rattling so loudly I was sure we were already too deep into a tornado to rescue them from their beds. And then Dave (who lived in Phoenix for 20+ years without earthquakes) announced while mostly asleep that it was an earthquake.

Anyway. Hopefully we are going to get an environmental break soon.

Before Memorial Day Dave and I went on that 100 mile yard sale. I bought so very little this year it was kind of pathetic. But it was nice to have a break from the Jack attack and Sammi actually did FANTASTIC on the long car ride. Before we get so far away from it that I will forget, I wanted to blog what I bought. (Except these two pieces of pottery are from the pathetic yard sales last week. The junk is no where to be found right now.)

I think this might be McCoy.
And this one is BIG and marked rumrill. It was filled with some really god awful fake flowers and sold for 75 cents. Never overlook the containers that god awful flowers are in!
At the very last sale we went to on the 100 mile yard sale I found some bags of fabric. I spotted these two tiny scraps of 1930's fabrics and decided it was worth buying the bags. Except some PUSHY lady was grabbing them away from me and I was trying to hold bags of fabric and juggle a crying Sammi while desperately trying to get Dave's attention for some HELP PLEASE. LOL

The bag of solid colored scraps was a gem, finding vintage colors to match my vintage prints is always a challenge. A lot of these are quadriga cloth.
The bag of prints was kind of a bust. Those two tiny scraps were the only 1930's pieces in there. I did manage to salvage some nice pieces from it though. I am in LOVE with the melon colored piece on the bottom.
AND there was one piece of a feedsack.
I also bought this log cabin quilt. It's not what I usually buy, but the colors are so bright and fun it caught my eye from the moving car and I turned around to get it.

Cute, huh?

I also bought a rocking chair for the porch, which I need Dave to rip the fabric off of so I can replace it and put it on the porch.

All in all, the prices were crazy and the junk was sparse. Boo.

That's okay though, wait until you see what I bought myself with my craigslist money. It should be here tomorrow. Yipppeeee!


  1. I really like that quilt. Score!

  2. An earthquake...really? That's just crazy. What a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see what you've purchased with your Craig's list money.

  3. This is probably a silly question but how can you tell the difference from 30s fabric, feed sacs, etc? Is it just the prints?


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