Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cart covers

Someone was browsing the archives and asked for a tutorial on the cart covers I used to make.
They are pretty easy to do.

And I can give you a quick and dirty summary, but since I haven't made one in like 6 years, I don't have a full blown tutorial in my back pocket. (There might be one at sleeping baby dot net.)

Buy 1 and 3/4 yards pre quilted fabric at Joann. (Don't forget your coupon! And do they even sell that kind of fabric anymore? )

It's usually 45 inches wide, so you are going to cut out a 45 inch circle. I used to just put a safety pin in the middle of the fabric, tie a ribbon to that pin and do the old "improvise a compass" routine to draw the circle. (Essentially you are trying to make the BIGGEST circle you can get out of that piece of fabric.)

Cut out the circle.

Sew blanket binding all along the outside edge of your circle. Leave the ends open so you can insert elastic.

Thread elastic through and sew closed.

Next you need leg holes and two holes for the seat belt. I have NO clue what distance I used to put those holes at. I would suggest taking your big elastic circle to the store, putting it on a cart and marking the two leg holes and two seat belt holes with a sharpie to get good placement of the holes.

Cut the holes out.

Cover the edges of those holes by sewing on seam binding.

Add a ribbon along what will be the front edge - ABOVE the leg holes - tack it down tightly. That's your "tie a toy spot".

Et voila.

A cart cover.

I actually used to love making those. People would stop me in the store and ask where Jack's was from all the time.

I suppose I should figure out if I still have ours for Sammi.I imagine that sooner or later she will learn to sit up! LOL And if we don't I should sort out if I can still buy that kind of fabric.


  1. Joann's does still sell the pre-quilted fabric but they have it hidden, at least at the one here, in the corner on the wall with all the other plain quilting fabric. I stumbled across it by accident as I had thought they quit selling it.

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Thanks for posting it for me. I don't have a Joann where I live but did go out of town this weekend for a graduation party and did make it to a Joann's to look. The prequilted fabric was 14.99 a yard. I found one at Target for 17.00 so I just got that. I wasn't feeling too confident about my sewing abilities anyway.


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