Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Daddy's shirts to covered with love

Before I tell you about the quilt, I have to tell you about the kids.
Here is Sammi in her "emergency outfit." Despite having more clothes than "Carter has little liver pills" (as my grandma would say) I am ALWAYS unprepared for her to poop when we are out. And without fail, she ALWAYS poops ALL over herself. This is the second time I have had to go to Target with a naked baby in my Moby wrap and buy her something to wear.

That's right, Mother of the year I am! LOL
And here's Jack. Playing. Guess what he is playing? Extreme Coupons. That's right. He is in LOVE with that show on TLC and now he is playing Extreme coupons.

Mother of the year for me again! LOL

Anyway, onto the quilt. I have been collecting Dave's work shirts from the goodwill bags whenever I really like the print. I was starting to get a heck of a pile of them and I had been tossing around the idea of making a new quilt for Jack with them.

I was having a really hard time deciding on a pattern when I saw Susan's* new book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting . I could not get that cover quilt out of my head.
So I did something I never do and ordered the book. And then I started cutting and sewing. And sewing and sewing and sewing. And cutting some more. And sewing some more. And a few months later I have managed to turn Daddy's work shirts, 2 queen sized flat sheets and a piece of batting into a new quilt for Jack.
I will say this thing gave me one fit after another.
I found the chain piecing really tedious.
And because there is SO MUCH fabric in it it's simply too heavy to quilt on the machine. So I was forced to sew on 64 buttons in the center of each cross.

In the end, I like the buttons because they are the shirt buttons I saved when I was cutting apart the quilt. But I do have concerns about the longevity of this method instead of just having quilted it.
And my piecing is a LOT wonkier than I like. I am more into perfection than wonky.

But Jack loves it and has been anxiously awaiting the finish line.

It's too big for his current bed, but I bought him a full size bed at the flea a few weeks ago and I figure by next year he will be ready for the bigger bed. Besides, his first quilt** is WAY too small now!

And that's what really matters, right?

*In the interest of disclosure - One of my projects appears in one of Susan's other books. I was in no way compensated/involved in reviewing/etc for her book though. I bought it myself, chose it myself, etc.

** I've made one other "recycled" quilt here . If looking at the remade/reused stuff on the blog gets yours wheels turning, you might enjoy that one too.

*** It makes me a little sad to look at Jack's baby quilt on the blog. 35 comments on his little quilt! Most days I feel like I am talking to myself here now and that is quite a change from a few years ago. I keep reminding myself that I blog for me and the kids and I would blog if no one were here, but ugh, lately that has been bugging me. 'Nuff said.


  1. Funny, I was debating about that book just this morning. Love, love the cover quilt too, just wondering how the rest of the book is?

    Sorry I don't comment more, but I do enjoy reading your blog. :)

  2. I read your blogs daily and love them!!! I don't comment a lot because it is hit or miss if it will let me post it for some reason! But I do read all of the blogs that I follow everyday and actually can't wait to read yours!!!

  3. This is wonderful! Great job!!

  4. That BABY! My gosh. You hit the baby girl jackpot with her.

    I have been thinking the same thing about comments. I never got tons, but now I get almost none. I don't post as frequently, and I keep telling myself I just do it for my own amusement and not for the comments, but yeah, I feel like I'm talking to myself over there.

  5. Mary Ann11:29 AM

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now, but sorry, I don't comment much. But I love the pictures of your kids and I like your sense of humor. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I LOVE the quilt! And I think as Jack grows older he will LOVE that it is made from his dad's old shirts. There's a beautiful tradition and connection in that.

    I have to admit that the feeling of talking to myself is part of the reason I haven't returned from my maternity leave to my own blog yet. Of course, in the nearly 6 months I've been away from it, I've had a lot of time to mull over why I was doing it and what it did for me. Happy to announce that I will be back soon. Very soon, I hope; I updated wordpress last night!

  7. I love the quilt! How fun for Jack that it's made from his dad's shirts. I read all the time but it's hard to type with a baby in one arm, so I don't often leave comments. I'm lazy like that. :)

  8. Just so you know ... I really enjoy your blog. With three chicklets at home and my aging parents currently living with us, I consider reading your blog one of the highlights of my day...something that I do just for me :)

  9. That is like the third modern crosses quilt I've seen (and of course it is the first one on my list). It looks great. Your batting packaging should have a maximum distance for quilting/tying, I know some are up to 10" apart, but my mom and her quilting buddy recommend leaving no space unstitched that is bigger than your fist.

  10. I think the same about comments at my blog. I used to get a handful on each post now I get few and far in between. I think it has to do with a few things 1) feed readers. I dont comment nearly as much as I used to because I just read the blogs I am following and go from one to the next and something REALLY has to jump up for me to comment. 2) I link my blog to my facebook account and I get people commenting from their instead of coming to my blog.

    I miss the comments though, I am a comment whore *smile*

  11. Genius...This is such a wonderful idea. Fantastic job. I love to read all your goodies. You always bring a smile, well that and those two incredible gorgeous genius extreme coupon show too. Do you think they would ever do Extreme Vintage or Thrifting? Smiles...Renee

  12. You did a great job on that quilt!
    That Extreme Couponing show, I watch it too!;)

  13. I check your blog every day for a new post and love that you post so frequently!
    But as far as bloggers wondering why no comments...I personally am more likely to leave comments on blogs where the blogger acknowledges them. For example Barb over at Happy SImple (another fab blog) comments on every comment she gets which is lovely! But even a blanket acknowledgment from the blogger is nice. Those who make no acknowledgement make me wonder why I bothered especially when the blogger has asked for reader's suggestions, thoughts, advice etc and then goes silent despite lots of people responding (I'm thinking of one Scottish-based blog in particular!!). Just a suggestion...

  14. I think your likelihood of getting of response depends on your profile. Yours is set up without an email address to respond to and the general consensus seems to be that no one ever comes back to a comment thread to check for a response! (It's easy to set up a reply to email address if anyone would directions on how to do that again.)

  15. That is so cute - I could not imagine what you were doing that required you to sew that many buttons. (Re the outfits - took me FOREVER to figure that out.) And comments? Well, I like them as much as anybody, but I figure there are people who read a post but might not have a spare moment to comment, or (usually in my case) wish they had something really clever to say but don't. Sometimes I feel I'm not contributing much if I'm the 10th person to say the same thing. Anyway ... I would very much miss you if you weren't here!

  16. I think it's just the state of blogging now Sarah. People aren't commenting as much. Plus, there seems to have been an exodus to facebook and twitter (the less said about that the better).

    I love your quilt -- what a keepsake!

  17. I'm right there with you and Heidi and I keep trying new things and it doesn't seem to make much difference. Love the shirt quilt, pretty sure I have enough of chads shirts to do that, however alot of them are pastel pink and lavender...and Graham is very into boy colors all of the sudden. His sheets needed changing and I only had twuin girl sheets clean.. pink Gingham... he had a fit... so the next day I got some davey jones sheets at a yard sale for 1$... put them on his bed and he loved them... so much that he said these are soooo much more comfy! HA

  18. LOVE the quilt. Love it.

    I've been on vacation - so I am just now catching up on your posts. And tomorrow, hopefully, I will recount the highlights of our trip on my own neglected blog...

  19. @ Sarah - ahhh I now see the button you can click to get email follow up comments - good to know - thanks. That said I didn't mean it was only me that doesn't get a response I meant that sometimes on some blogs none of the responses to a post arere acknowledged by a blogger (ie not even a 'thanks for your thoughts everyone' type of cover-all acknowledgement. But hey, I'm new to blog reading, I enjoy joining with other like-minded souls and will continue to do so! Happy blogging, sorry to hear about the baby bunnies :-( x


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