Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal Friday - The fruits of my labor

So, starting before Memorial Day we had the BIG garage and basement clean out. We are getting pretty close done, but we still have electronic stuff we need to sell or donate. I made close to $500 selling stuff we were not using/didn't know we still had down there in boxes/etc.

And then I bought us a few new toys. For me:
A boon flair high chair. SWOOOOOOOOOOOOON. Since Sammi is a second child she has PLENTY of hand me down stuff and stuff from garage sales. (Aside from her car seat, which I think is one the few things we bought new). I really wanted this fancy high chair, so I went ahead and splurged.

For Dave:
a 32 gig Ipod touch.

And for Sammi:
A super fantastic pottery barn kids quilt. (On heavy clearance.)

For Jack:
I had made his ipod touch money a few months back by selling some of his toys on Craigslist. We needed room for baby toys in the playroom anyway.

Plus, I managed to buy this $600 + worth of gadgets for us for about $400.

A few tips for Craigslist:
*Check what other people have the same stuff priced at and go as low as you can go. I sold our smart cycle within a day for $15 while a TON of them are still sitting on craigslist at $35+.
*Price it LOW. People will buy anything for $15. They will spend forever hemming and hawing about $30.
*Wait for a buyer who will come NOW. People who say they will come in 2 days, 3 days, etc never ever show up. A bird in the hand and all that.
*If you are selling a particular "style" it doesn't hurt to have them come inside your house. I sold a ton of stuff to every woman who came inside the house seeking "shabby chic" type stuff. If she came to buy books I managed to sell her linens, mirrors, picture frames, etc. If she came for a bird cage I sold her half the house. Once they see how it all looks together they were MUCH more willing to buy more. This also saved me the trouble of listing a bunch of small stuff.
*It's too late now, but for some reason around here Memorial Day weekend is my BEST BEST time to sell anything. I find this to be true every year. A neighbor gave me this tip many years ago in regards to yard sales too. She said she could sell anything on that weekend at a yard sale.
*It's worth trying to sell ANYTHING. I even sold old copies of magazines.

On the buying end:
*If you are couponing, Target oftens offers gift cards as buying incentives. I had some saved up from buying stuff we needed, like sunscreen and toilet paper, which I used to buy the Ipod, plus we got one back when we bought the Ipod.
*If you have a Target debit card you save 5% every day. On a big purchase like the ipod it was TOTALLY worth having.
*If you want to cash in the change jar, look for a coinstar machine. They will give you an Amazon gift card without the 10% service charge for counting the coins.
*If you want to buy something big on Amazon, put it in your cart and watch it for awhile. The price fluctuates a lot on Amazon.
*I have a free amazon mom account where I can earn free TWO DAY shipping by spending $25/month on baby stuff. So instead of having to spend $35 to get the high chair shipped (there are no local sellers near me), it was shipped free. And because it was a pricey item, the rest of the year of my amazon mom free shipping is now included. No more HAVING to spend $25/month.
*If you are having a baby and even *think* you might want to buy something from pottery barn kids, make a registry. You get a 10% completion discount for six months after your baby is born. Because I asked politely, the lady in the store added the quilt to Sammi's registry so I could get another 10% off the clearance price. That made the $129 quilt $45.

And now I have a mostly clean basement (still have a small pile that isn't selling and is desitined for donation) and a clean garage to boot.

Also on tap today:
sweet cheeks is 5 months old!

She had her first taste of cereal yesterday.

And today we found her on on her belly in the crib. She is rolling around like a mad woman. The play gym's days are sadly numbered.

The kids and I have a huge number of errands to get accomplished today before our FUN FAMILY VACATION starts tomorrow. Yipppeee!


  1. Have a great time!!!

  2. she is soooo stinkin' cute!!! I want another! but sadly not in the cards for me any more!!

    Yay! for selling stuff so we can buy more stuff!!!

    Have a great trip!

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I love Gymboree too but not their prices. I was taking a look at some of your older posts (really old) from 2005 and was wondering if you made the shopping cart covers yourself. If so, I'd really appreciate a tutorial post on it. That is, when your baby daughter will let you. Thanks.


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