Sunday, June 05, 2011

Holy crap y'all

I am trying REALLY hard to not be so damn busy, but I keep failing. We go go go go all day every day until we all just drop into bed at night. I am hoping this coming week is the last of that. I have projects I want to finish and rooms I want to work on redecorating.

One of those rooms is Jacks. I had this idea from another blog to "wallpaper" one wall with maps and on Friday the kids and I went to the friends of the library sale where we picked up a huge stack of free maps.
Today Dave helped me "wallpaper" one wall in Jack's room with them. (They are just thumb tacked up.)
Jack didn't care for the idea at ALL when I first proposed it, but once I started doing it he was eager for me to finish.

We all think it looks awesome! I even put a little heart thumb tack right over St Louis.

I have a few more things I want to get for his room and then I will try and get better photos. (He desperately needs a bigger dresser, but people on craigslist are CRAZY with their prices. Seriously people.)

And proof that we are going until we drop. I thought it had been too long since Jack had pestered me about something* and look where we found him. Passed out in his bed at 5 pm in the afternoon. HOLY CRAP. He hasn't had a "nap" for a good three years now. At all. Not even if he was sicker than a dog.

*Is it just my kid or do kids this age NOT KNOW HOW to entertain themselves at all? I am still selling a ton of stuff on craigslist (which is a full time job in itself) and I am ready to start selling the toys. Why do we have them? He never touches them.


  1. Sarah that looks fantastic. I have always wanted to do that but never thought to do it with tacks. Perfection. The vintage colors are wonderful. Doesn't hurt to have that sweet Jenny Lind bed to mix in for vintage fun. Hope it slows down soon. Smiles...Renee

  2. Your map wall turned out SUPER!! Hang in there. Happy Summer!!


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