Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Part of the joy of cleaning out the basement is rediscovering stuff that had been forgotten.
Like this blanket.

I had an incredibly tumultuous childhood. We were constantly moving around and things were always being left behind. At some point my mom married the first of many stepfathers and with him came this blanket. She gave it to me many years ago, and because it reminded me of my childhood I had carefully packed it away.

When I found it in the basement last week I gave it a good soak and then tossed it on the couch to be our summer couch blanket.

If I love it, it should be used is my new philosophy.

I have since realized the blanket was handmade and at some point all the quilting has long been washed and worn out of it.

If I could ever stop spending 5 hours a day at the auto mechanic's shop I think I would like to requilt it.


  1. Remember the days early on when every thing had to be new and clean and modern. Now it seems I long for something dented or worn just for the history. Something that has seen life and can handle ours. This blanket has such a sweet little print and great little ruffle all the way around. Something that a kiddo can cuddle up in and nap with. What else did you empty out of those tubs? Smiles...Renee

  2. There is something to be said about unpacking those boxes, isn't there?


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