Saturday, July 02, 2011

Animals, by the numbers

I suspect that growing up with a biologist for a mother means you have some experiences that other kids simply do not have.

Oh sure, we have a CHINA cabinet in our house not filled with china but filled with bones, eggs, skeleton pieces, dead bugs, rocks, sticks, lichens, turtle shells, etc. But yesterday might have been the icing on the science cake.

We took my nephew back up to Grandpa's house, which is 53 miles of back country highway. (NOT interstate.) So, to keep Jack from aggravating Sammi we counted road kill.

That's right, we counted road kill. In case you are curious there was:
1 fox
1 possum
1 skunk
1 deer
and 18 !! raccoons
Plus 1 live woodchuck and 3 live turkeys.

A hallmark moment for sure, don't you think?

Today was an animal day too. At yard sales we picked up:
this super cute box which was...
holding this AWESOME jumpy squirrel.

And Dave spotted a wonderful flock of:
old paper mache crows!
We have been junking for more than 13 years together now and we have never seen anything like them.

I can't wait until Halloween to break them back out again!


  1. How about using them to scare other crows etc. away if you get another nest of baby bunnies?

  2. I think I'd be tempted to gussy up the crows somehow. They are a FIND! And that little squirrel is just darling!

  3. Once again, awesome finds. Maybe I would have better luck if I actually went out junking. LOL Going through a phase where I just don't want more stuff. Love looking at your finds tho.

  4. Do you know that you hit the paper mache crow goldmine?! I was just looking at vintage Halloween stuff on Ebay, and saw some. I'd be tempted to sell them, but even more tempted to keep them!

  5. You know my obsession with Halloween and those black crows are amazing!! I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them. Darling squirrel too. I grew up with parents who own a funeral home. I understand having experiences that most kids don't normally have.

  6. My husband's career started as a naturalist (He is now a Rivekeeper), so we too have quite the collection of things - including the skull collection that was a big hit when my daughter was in preschool. Cow, turtle, hawk, owl, bear, beaver.....just to name a few.
    LOVE that squirrel.

  7. I was lucky enough to pick up some great stuff this weekend, myself....including some papier mâché crows! Happy Blogging!


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