Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

Cousin Liam has been staying with us for a few days. Just look at the train track the boys built in the playroom! It's huge. It goes all the way back to the castle way back there in the background.

It's nice to see all those Thomas toys out of the bin again. Jack hasn't played with them in a long time, but they are one of those toys that I refuse to part with because I know they have many, many more years of kid's play ahead of them.
It was a lot of work to get us all out of the house bright and early before the heat this morning to hit the flea market.

I have pretty much quit going because 1) it is way too hot and 2) there is nothing to buy, so why sweat to death and torture the kids?

I bought this old doll stroller this morning and that's it. I even tried garage saling with no kids yesterday and I came home with some rick rack.

I mean really. It's not worth the gas this year I guess.

Several weeks ago I managed to buy this old doll playpen and Jack has been using it in the playhouse.

Maybe you are having better luck!

I have a BIG pile of sewing library books waiting for me. I have the itch to make things.

Happy Sunday to you.


  1. I had both the stroller and the playpen when I was little. One year we had a garage sale and I sold them to buy some Famolare sandals. Ah the memories!

  2. I completely agree that it's just too hot to even leave the house. Monday is usually my thrifting day but with the unrelenting heat and the high prices of gas, I'm refusing to leave the comfort of the a/c for anything!! The thrifts are picked bare most of the time anyway - well, minus the imported cheap junk that no one really wants anyway!

  3. Sarah, I feel the same about the sales this year - mostly disapointing. Getting 2 kids up and out of the house and with the price of gas it hasn't been worth the trouble. I guess it is just a bad year for sales!

  4. My thrifting has been dismal all summer. Better luck at flea markets. By the way, my daughter is still mad that I gave those blocks (cardboard) to the preschool. She would like to be playing with them! At 10 years old! Keep them all trains too...smiles...Renee


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