Tuesday, July 05, 2011


It's been two years today since my grandpa died and I inherited my grandparent's house.

I think of him (them, really) often.
Of the things I did growing up here and the things my kids get to do in the same places.
Of the hard work and sacrifice a self employed general contractor had to do to pay for this house - pounding the pavement every day and making his own way, with no paycheck to count on.

Of the incredible gift this house is for us.

Of the double decker ice cream cones he used to let me get at Baskin Robbins even though he KNEW I could not eat two scoops and how he would always tell me "my eyes were bigger than my stomach."

Of how he used to sing Once in love with Amy to me when I was small.

Of how crazy he was about Jack and how crazy he would have been about Sammi.

Two years since he called me on the phone to sing or do his crazy "is the party of the first part" routine.

It chokes me up to even think about it.

And I have laundry to fold. So off with me for now.

P.S. This photo of a photo thing is really challenging. You should try it if you can.


  1. Beautiful post & tribute to your grandfather, Sarah. Very cool camera/photo technique too. He'd be proud at what you've done with his home!!

  2. That is so neat! What a great way to show time. And I think Kim is right.

  3. Wonderful post. You and your family are indeed lucky to be living in a home with so many memories.

  4. Um, how cool is it that you even thought to do that photo thing. It looks terrific! What a tribute. I bet nothing would make your grandparents prouder than thinking of the next generation continuing on the foundation of their hard work.

  5. when you speak of how much he loved jack and how much he would have loved sammi, i'm reminded about my grandad who would have gotten such a kick out of my twins and then their siblings. thinking of you today.

  6. Tomorrow would have been my dad's 67th birthday. I know he'd have gotten a kick out of my daughter. xo

  7. What a fantastic photo idea. Can you just imagine Jack doing the same...lovely...smiles..Renee

  8. Awww, I'm even choked up! What a lovely tribute. And I LOVE the photo in a photo thing -- very, very clever!

  9. Very heartwarming post...love the photo/camera thing. You were actually quite successful with it! Would make a great scrapbook layout! *e*

  10. Fantastic, Sarah!


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