Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been drinking the fabric kool aid

One last piece of business - I have a pile of Mary Engelbreit fabric and before I sell it on Craigslist I thought I would put it here. There are 15 full fat quarters, many partial fat quarters and the black with cherries are wide strips. Email me for a price if you are interested.

Here's what Jack has been doing the last few days:
he very cleverly made a duck airplane out of legos! I love this thing.

Recently I was searching the blog for something and I kept coming across this photo of my old sewing room:
and I realized it made me sad. My fabric was all tidy and beautiful!

Despite having just had a really big sewing room purge last January, I am still feeling like there is just wayyyyyy too much crap in there. And thanks to you lovely ladies, a TON of fabric is going to be making it's way to new homes. And a ton more is in a donation bag by the front door. (I donated the rest of the tablecloths yesterday without even blinking. Yeah me!)

So I spent the last two or three days working on what was left:
refolding it all and organizing it by color.

Oh man, is it pretty now. And I have been reunited with some of the best vintage fabric on earth, right in my very own sewing room. (Of course, this does not stop me from wanting more...hmmmm.)

Now I just need to clean up the rest of the messes in there. I literally cannot open the closet doors because it has all gone to hell in there. And it frustrates me. With Sammi I have such short windows to be creative and I really need easy access to the stuff I LOVE, not just a pile of stuff.

And that's all I've got today. :-)


  1. I'm thinking of making aprons for all my female family members for Christmas. Got any destashing that might work for this?
    Love your neat and tidy fabric closet. I keep starting and stopping on mine. One day (yeah, right) it will be organized too :)

  2. Just wanted you to know I'm drooling over your neatly folded & sorted stash. Looks amazing.


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