Friday, July 15, 2011

Shhhh, don't tell the children

Don't tell the children, but:
I eat pop tarts for breakfast even though I would NEVER allow them do so.
Sorting legos by color (if only this job were done!) apparently inspires...

a fit of lego building creativity.

A 2 am wake up for the baby means she will sleep until 8 30 (and Daddy is the one who got up, so mama got PLENTY of sleep last night).

We will be going to costco for the sole purpose of obtaining more salsa for my salsa addiction.

We have even more bags to drop at the thrift store today.

I am wearing a real bra again after 6 months of nursing bras. (Not yet weaned, but we are very close. I am okay with that. This morning Sammi wanted 8 ! ounces of milk.)

That the story of Leiby Kletzky weighs rather heavily on my mind as we are racing towards the first day of school. Jack will ride the school bus this year for the first time and be away from me more than he has ever been in his nearly 7 years. It's impossible not to feel grief for the loss of that child, even if he was a child you never knew.

And that's the view from my chair this Friday morning.


  1. Thought of you yesterday when I saw a onesie on Pinterest that said "My Mom doesn't want your advice." Perfect. That story turned my stomach. Don't understand why an 8 yo was allowed to walk alone in a crowded city? But I still pick up my high schooler at the school door! It is hard to let go and lonely at home I won't lie. It is a long day while they are away even still. Tablecloths are wonderful...thank you...smiles...Renee

  2. I totally hear you about the separation at school. My daughter is turning 9 next month, and she did half-day kindie to start off. Now she's going into fourth grade. I put her on the bus in 2nd grade (I was pregnant with twins) and I knew I needed her to take the bus because it would be easier on me. It's hard. They days do seem long at first. And then it gets OK and sometimes you even think "it's time for them to come home already?" My twins are 19 months, and they keep me busy, as your adorable little one will with you. The hardest thing is what I call the post-school insanity -- from 4 p.m. and later it's a mad dash with homework, the odd activity, making dinner, feeding babies, baths, putting everyone to bed and getting ready for the next day. Summer is a welcome break!

  3. OK this is just a random thought that popped into my head while reading your post: I had this thought in a Mr. T voice, "I pitty the fool who would try to kidnap Jack!" I had this vision of the bad guys in the movie Home Alone and some very smart outsmarting Jack would do. In fact, it would make a fun movie.

    Now back to reality. :( So tragic. I read a great blog called "Free Range Parenting" about having the courage to let your kids venture out and to asses risks etc..., but as a person who grew up in a very safe suburb, the thought of how I would raise an LA kid is scary. It's one thing to rationalize the very minimal risks of stranger abduction and then it's whole 'nother thing to send your whole heart in another body out there.


    Enjoy the salsa!

  4. The lego separation! JT separated all of his out, then claimed it was too hard to find the right ones. He prefers to dump them out and then each night we have to sweep them up into the boxes. Has Jack tried making reviews or detailed movies on how he made certain creations? This can keep JT busy for hours and he comes up with the most amazing things!
    Good luck with the bus. I wish we had the option of a bus, but since we don't, I haven't really thought about how it would make me feel. I can imagine it will be a little scary (for the parents, especially) at first.


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