Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes I still buy junk

Oy. I feel like right now all I do is argue with everyone - argue with the school about releasing Jack's test scores, argue with the guy who did our siding about fixing the parts that were not done correctly (I have been arguing with him for 9 months now*), argue with my dad (who is not well) about going to the doctor, BLAH. And then this morning the electric co. linemen are out there hacking all the trees to death and Jack was crying hysterically (we have NO shade in our yard), so I went outside to try and argue about the life of my only shade tree. Ha.

But sometimes when I am not arguing, I abandon the children (aka leave them with their other rightful owner, their father) and I go to garage sales.

And sometimes I buy a few things.
Some ornaments.
Some birds.
And a sweet little vintage dress.

Complete with bedazzling.

I probably have things I should go back to arguing about now.

*I am about to call the BBB on him. Anyone ever done that?


  1. I feel like that too sometimes. Have you told the guy that you might call? I know that if I ever see that a company has a good BBB rating I try to go with that company. That's how I picked my exterminator (we had carpenter ants that kept coming back every summer). Maybe if he thought his rating would be affected (if he had one), it might make a difference. I know they have a mediation service. I hope it turns out ok. What a pain!

  2. Tell him you are contacting the local TV station...that should get him moving. I have had to go so far as to tell a workman that the next phone call will be from my legal authority. Sad but it works. Sorry to hear the issues. Heat makes me cranky. Willows grow very fast if you have a moist spot and provide great shade. Not super large as they will stay out of the lines. Hate those tree toppers. Great finds though all the same.

  3. I think the guys that do the tree hacking are subcontracted by the electric company. They did ours this Spring, and no matter how nice you are when you go out there and talk to them, they simply don't care, and hack away. Sometimes they leave the trees looking absolutely ridiculous, and it hurts to look at them. Hopefully they won't go too far. And maybe you can plant some trees away from the lines? I know Home Depot has all of their trees drastically reduced right now......

  4. LOVE the ornaments--such pretty candy colors.

    BOO to the tree hacker! I like Renee's suggestion of willows. I wish we had more shade in our yard too, so I can sympathize. And I'd tell the siding dude my next call would be to the BBB unless he fixes it to your satisfaction by X date. Done. No more arguing.

  5. Those ornaments are darling!

    I hope you get everything worked out...

  6. BBB is a good idea, but that's only going to stop the people who actually check the BBB before hiring a contractor. I agree with second commenter...most major TV stations have an Action Reporter. We have a guy here that tackles any issue that he feels has merit...and has a great success rate. Tree hackers, on the other hand, you can't win with them. They're subcontractors and don't really care what they cut!! We have oak trees out here that look like a fat letter Y...cause they took out the middles! *e*


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