Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And off he goes

(A little heart plaque Jack and I made yesterday from shells we found at the beach.)
Just like that, Jack is off to school full time.
Eating lunches there.
Being gone from 8 15 to 4 40.
Riding the school bus.

And setting off out into the world without me for the first time.

In many ways the years have gone both slow and fast, but one thing is certain, it is QUIET around here without his constant chatter.

I am outta here for a few days while I regroup and rethink a few things that need my attention.

See you this weekend!


  1. Best wishes with all the new transitions. I'm sooooo not ready for Josie to start kindergarten in a few weeks.

  2. 8:15 to 4:40? That is one crazy long school day for a 6 year old! Maren's school runs 9-3:30 and I'm already thinking she'll be pooped when she gets home. I bet Jack will be exhausted! Hope it all goes well for you guys.


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