Sunday, August 07, 2011

Flea Market Sundays, always good for a laugh

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It is still boiling hot, but we carted ourselves off to the flea this morning to get a little fresh air.

There is still nothing to buy really, and I can tell that people just aren't buying at all, because I see the same stuff every week and every week there are fewer and fewer dealers willing to sit out there and boil and not make any money. A bad situation for sure.

I picked up a few things with just the singles in my pocket.
We've decided on Jack's birthday party theme for this year - cowboy. Horseshoes will come in handy I am sure.
I could not resist the graphics in this book from 1946. It has two stories in it.
The puppy story is first.
The kitten story is second.
Look at that cute Hallowe'en page!

I bought two of these really hard to photograph trays.

The dealer said to me when I was looking at them. "So, what is it about those trays? I had ten of them this morning and I have sold them faster than ANYTHING I have brought to this flea market in a long time."

I sort of didn't know what to say because I have no idea why people are buying them like hot cakes. I mean, they are like the perfect vintage green and pink colors, but, otherwise, I have no idea?

Then he says, "It must be some woman thing I don't know about."


Yeaup, that must be it.

Happy Sunday to you.


  1. Haha! Some woman thing. Must be. The tray is awfully pretty, though.

  2. I use trays all over the place and can never resist a cute one. I use them in the bathrooms on the counters, on dressers, on ottomans to turn them into coffee tables and yes, I even use them as trays to transport things. Love my trays.

  3. Hi Sarah!
    Sorry about that... I think I just reset my profile. I'll email you too just in case.
    Sarabeth in Mass.

  4. I bought some pony horseshoes last weekend. They are so tiny and adorable. I LOVE throwing kid's parties. A cowboy theme would be great and a ton of fun. Our b-day parties were always the hit of the year.

  5. Love the tray! I can see why people were scooping them up. I know when it is a vintage wasteland anything vintage and cute is grabbed up fast! Love the color combo.


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