Friday, August 05, 2011

Frugal Friday - The garage sale

I love the *idea* of garage sales a lot more than I love going to garage sales I think.

There is always the promise of CHEAP, unknown treasure to lure me in.

But there is the reality of finding garage sales to go to, getting directions, getting us in the car, finding the garage sale, getting out of the car, listening to Jack complain, and sweating to death while looking at trash.

But sometimes I do get lucky.

It doesn't have to be vintage quilts or old ornaments to make me happy.

I love finding stuff we need/want/can use CHEAP.

It's that that keeps luring me back in.

With both kids home and the weather sweltering I have limited us to TWO garage sales a week this summer.

This week I chose one that said "loads of kid stuff" and one that said "antiques."

We hit antiques first.


Then we hit the kid sale.

SCORE! I bought a big pile of stuff for Sammi which included - board books, fabric books, a Janie and Jack outfit, one of these $40 swim floats , one of these $15 bears , one of these $25 leap frog toys , and one of these $20 dolls that shares my name .

But the find that made me want to jump up and down is up there in the photo. She is a pleasant company bitty baby. I almost died when I turned her over and saw that on the back of her.

Since the moment I found out Sammi was a girl I have looked in every pile of dolls for an american girl doll for her.

And there she was. For the princely sum of.....are you ready for it?.....50 freaking cents!

Oh yes I did.

We walked away with about $225 in kid's stuff for $10.75. And everything is in beautiful, clean, new condition. (Which is rare when junking for kid stuff.)

It's finds like *that* that keep me hooked.

Now if only I had picked up those little chewy keys that were only 25 cents that I can't seem to find in ANY of the stores.

Oh well, there is always next week's garage sales.


  1. You do good. VERY good. I can't believe the price of the bitty baby. Woo hoo!

  2. I think the doll even looks like Sammi!

  3. Great finds! Our Bitty Baby is Nellie's favorite of her many baby dolls. There is something very sweet about them.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Talk about a haul! I haven't been garage saling in a few weeks and I copped out this week, too. I need to get back out there now that I'm having a baby again. I love that you can score deals such as these, though! Awesome finds.

    ~ Jennifer

  5. I have some chewy keys for Sammi! Send me your address and they're yours, 0 cents.
    sarabeth in Mass.

  6. It's funny, but every time you post a picture of Sammi, she's so beautiful that I always think it's a picture of a doll, so it threw me off to see a picture of an actual doll today! I saw a regular American Girl doll at a garage sale today, and I couldn't believe it was marked only $5. Those things were so expensive when our daughter was little, I can't even imagine how much they are these days. I should have bought her and sold her on Ebay!

  7. YAY! for Sammi!! Is this her first official baby?

  8. Total score...can't believe how much those dolls cost retail. Believe me I own my fair share for Miss Claire. I had no idea you had a little people named for you? What an honor..Ha! Nothing ever shares my name...go figure. A horse and a doll in one week..nice job...Renee

  9. WoW!! you scored... I mostly hit estate sales these days becuse my time is limited and hitting the regular garage sales usually is so fruitless!


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