Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Git along lil' doggie

Last night after dinner I had the itch to go to goodwill.

I was wandering around not finding a darn thing when Jack spotted this horse.

$20 later* we were the, ahem, proud owners of a giant steel framed singing horse.
Jack loves the thing.

Look where I found him this morning! LOL

I was thinking of a lego themed birthday party for him this year, but this has me thinking perhaps a cowboy party is in order.

Speaking of "themes" - I am already thinking of the Halloween costumes for the children. After much discussion I know what Jack wants to be, but do you have any cute links for baby costumes?

I want to make something SUPER FAB for Sammi and I am not finding any costumes I *love*.

*The horse was unmarked. I kept my hands on it until Dave came and carried it up front to be priced. He returned to tell me the price (still holding the horse) and I agreed to the price (I thought maybe it was one of those $300 fur real friend horses, but this is a Sam's club version). Another lady in the thrift starts carrying on and on about the horse and how she couldn't find a price...blah blah blah. I have had people like that start arguments over stuff before and it makes me nervous. I know darn and good well if you want to buy something you never take your hand off it! Anyway. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the store was remarking on the horse and I couldn't get it out of there and into the van fast enough. LOL


  1. A cowboy themed birthday party would be so fun! That horse is wonderful! Good for you. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween costumes. Emma was a pumpkin at that age. Josie was a little ladybug.

  2. We slapped a pair of bunny ears on Edie her first Halloween and called it a day. Her second Halloween, I made her a 'tinkerbell' costume out of silver lame and pink tulle. It was divine. She was a fairy princess!

  3. Wow...that horse was one helluva find! Sounds like the thrifting sixth sense kicked in at just the right time:) Also very excited to see what you make for Sammi. I love the (too few) Halloweens when we still get to do all the deciding.

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Wow, you are braver than me. I couldn't buy something like the horse because you wouldn't be able to wash it. I'm paranoid about bedbugs. Looks like he's having fun though.

  5. Never never never take your hands off things. Walk around with them in your cart, drag them if you must because you can always put them back...you can never go back for them, they are always gone! Fab find. Claire was a ballerina. Hand sewn tutu and all. Target had tiny tiaras that I sewed elastic lace onto for a head band that year. I know I have a pic. You will have to see how cute. Probably biased. Check pinterest...Renee


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