Monday, August 01, 2011

Mmmm Yum Yum

As soon as Sammi sees me with the camera in hand she starts to grin. Trained to say cheese already she is!
She is a bit of stinker about food though. Everything new is met with the disgusted face. This doesn't quite capture the disgusted face, but this is certainly her "mom, I do NOT think this cereal is all that and the bee's knees too."
Hmmm, wait a minute, give me some more anyway. These cheeks require caloric maintenance you know!

Ahhh, cheese! Not too bad after all.

So, I was watching home shopping one night after the kids were in bed and I saw gadget .

And they had me at HOLY COW CUTE!

So I bought one at Bed Bath and Beyond (with a coupon, of course).

I am still working my way through some jarred food I had bought for her, so I haven't really used it yet.

But this girl? She does NOT like textures. Jack would eat anything smashed with a fork or run through the food mill. Sammi wants everything smoooooooooooooooooth as velvet.

I will let you know if it is a waste of cabinet space or not. Because I think it would make one fantastic baby shower gift.


  1. When I saw that, I wished I had had one! Would love to know if it really works. I think I just used my blender.

  2. I can't believe how much she looks like Jack. Gorgeous for sure. Claire is a texture girl too even with clothes. How do you get anything done with that sweetness in the house? Stay out of the heat! Renee

  3. I WANT TO EAT THAT BABY. Not really. Well, maybe just a little bit. I bet her neck smells GREAT!

  4. I saw that on tv! Looks cool! Anxious to hear how it works!
    Love those cheeks!

  5. I saw that Baby Bullet too and immediately wanted it! Except my twins are now 19 months and eating solids. Wish they had that thing out a year ago... Have fun with it!

  6. I feel like deja vu looking at her many Jack like faces.

    You have to post about Baby Bullet after you have used it a while. Looks awesome.

  7. Anonymous8:16 PM

    My baby girl is about one month older than Sammi and she doesn't like solids period. Occasionally she acts as if she is enjoying solids but then then spits most of it out. I think maybe she would like it if it tasted better. I've tasted some of that jarred stuff and it's horrendous, especially the green beans and peas. I want to know how the baby bullet works too. :)

  8. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I just got the baby bullet! Verdict: Baby and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! :D Aside from being super adorable, it works well. :) BPA free?? Awesome. My little boy actually loves playing with the little containers, and while he was using it as a teether, his dad said "Well, I guess you bit the bullet". :)

    Your Sammi is the cutest little thing. I've been stalking your blog forever now...and just wanted you to know that we prayed for her safe delivery...and here she is! -mushroommeadows

  9. Heck, that infomercial makes me want one! LOL I don't even have a baby. And I have a Magic Bullet already! FYI--for a fun and yummy adult beverage--fill the cup with frozen grapes or other frozen fruit and a sweet white or red wine, and maybe a shot of rum...yum...blend 'til pureed and frosty!


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