Friday, August 19, 2011

Moping? Maybe a bit.

It's been a good 3 1/2 years since Jack took a nap every day. Which means I am very, very used to caring for him from sun up to sun down. Without him here I feel kind of lost. Sammi takes two long naps and the house is silent and I find myself wandering around wondering what I should be doing with myself.

It's weird.

Until I figure out exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing* (LOL) I am just kind of sitting here doing nothing at all.

Well, if cruising ebay counts as doing nothing at all, that is.

I got this wild idea that the bitty baby I bought for Sammi NEEDS a wardrobe of vintage clothes.

I bought a big lot of vintage doll clothes (cheap because the photos were total crap) and when they arrived they were even better than I had expected. I spent some time washing and stain treating them, and now there is a pile of them waiting to be mended.

Here are some of the cuter ones:
flannel pj's that say sleep tight;
three very sweet matching little pieces (that hat! is adorable on the doll);
totally terrific little jumper with matching vest (most of the pj's are this style);
a silky little dress with sweet pink embroidery;
a beautifully made (fully lined!) coat and matching hat;
a lovely pink dress;

and a sweet embroidered romper.

These little clothes are just so sweet and they seriously appeal to the vintage fabric junkie in me.

If you need me I will be cruising ebay looking for a little suitcase to keep them all in. LOL

*I told Dave we will probably have the cleanest toilets in the state. So far I have managed to completely avoid cleaning a damn thing. Clearly I AM moping.


  1. Enjoy the peace and silence. What sweet doll clothes. You did very well. I'm constantly picking up doll clothes hoping Josie will show an interest. Instead, they are hanging up in my craft room or tucked in a doll trunk.

  2. It is deafening is it not? I think it took me most of the school year to find a groove and then along came number three. Not to worry, soon this time will be filled with running around barely cramming all the errands in before they all need to be picked up again. I am crushing on all those great doll clothes...smiles...Renee

  3. I sat around staring the first week Edie was at camp. I still did quite a bit the last two weeks she was there. Now that she's back, I wish had I gotten more done, but am quite glad I spent so much time 'relaxing'.

  4. I had a tough time when my oldest child started school. Someone shared this poem with me and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you don't mind.


    It is September now, and school has started
    The bells are gay, but I am heavy-hearted
    For YOU, who were a babe but yesterday
    Have gripped a pencil, ......started on your way !
    To learn the things the world would have you know
    To pick, YOURSELF, the path where YOU must go.

    Now I am no longer your "all in all",
    But just your "starting Point".....the heart-high wall
    From which you leap to enter on YOUR flight,
    God grant your skies by calm and blue and bright
    I would not have you stay, the gift of years
    Is YOURS, ..........but still I shed these foolish tears.


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