Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Missouri Daisy

So what does a girl do with herself when she is clearly in a funk?
She has baby fashion shows every day.
The fact that it is ridiculously fun to pick out a little dress and then choose a vintage quilt from the cabinet that works well with the dress is the first sign that I need an intervention.
I was thinking the other day that I had no issues getting rid of *most* of Jack's baby things.
But the baby dresses?

Lord almighty how am I ever going to get rid of the baby dresses?

*The vintage quilt pattern is Missouri Daisy. The beads Sammi is playing with are chew beads . They are a little pricey, but they are brilliant little things.


  1. Sooo cute! I know what you mean.... i love the little dresses sooo much. I have a whole tote full:-/

  2. I have two full boxes of baby dresses from Claire. One box of the boys things combined...shh! I'm in for the baby it!

  3. I have a box of baby dresses too, that I couldn't part with. Okay, so they go up to last year's size....

  4. I went through Maren's clothes 3t-5t yesterday to give away but I just couldn't part with the dresses either! I'm not even touching the baby stuff yet. I don't know what I'm keeping the toddler dresses for, but I know for sure that I will regret it if I do, so for now, they stay!

  5. I have certain baby dresses that I will never get rid of. I'm hoping that my girls will want them someday. Have fun playing dress-up with your sweetie!!

  6. Ordinarily I would say, "Make a quilt out of those dresses." But, I know your cutting issues and doubt you could ever cut them! LOL

    Just added chew beads to my registry.

  7. She is SO adorable! Look at that smile!?!? I had such a hard time parting with the girls' clothes... still do!

  8. She is just so sweet and adorable. Every time you post a picture I just want to kiss those rosy cheeks! If she was my baby I would never get anything done because I would be taking her pics or kissing her all the time. So adorable.

  9. Oh, I've got some baby clothes, too. That little cotton dress (and that collar!) is perfect on that perfect child of yours.


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