Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The ribbon jar

Before I blather on about ribbons I have to tell you that I took Sammi to the ped for a vaccination this morning (I am using a delayed schedule with her, so she gets one a month instead of 4 at a time) and when I got home and took her out of the carseat she was EATING THE BLOODY BAND AID the nurse had put on her!


No more band aids on the baby.

Now, onto blathering about ribbons.

When I cleaned out the sewing room I decided I wanted ALL the ribbons in one jar, not in twelve. Many years ago I had started putting my ribbons on wooden spools but then I ran out of spools. I checked some out on Ebay ($$$), then checked craigslist and there was a big basket of them for $5. The woman selling them and I could never manage to connect. After 2 weeks or more of back and forth emails she said she would just bring them to my house and leave them on the porch for me.
And just look what that lovely craigslist fairy brought me! Plenty of spools to finish the ribbon project and then some.
Now all my ribbons are in one big jar on my sewing table.

Which makes it really easy to make those "tag" blankets that kids love so much. Jack always loved these things and Sammi is equally enamored.


  1. Okay, I really need an IQ test. This is another thing that I really should have come up with. I took the wooden spools my mom had and house them in a jar for all to see and tuck said ribbons away to riffle through when I need them? When I taught preschool for a few years we had tons of those blankets in tow and kids called them taggies. they were well loved. Something about loops and kiddos fingers...Lovely...Renee

  2. Love that idea. It is one that I had not thought of before. I love the old wooden spools. They are getting hard to find. I used to see them everywhere. I have a big glass jar of them (but with thread on them) sitting in my living room.

  3. What a great idea! I might have to pin this, because I just bought some spools at the thrift today. I have my ribbon in a basket. I wrapped them each around my hand, and then clamped them with little mini clothes pins. Your idea is much cuter!

  4. I'm laughing so hard over the bloody band-aid! I'm jealous of your ribbon collection, too.

  5. I have a new grandbaby and would love to make him a taggie. Is there any trick or secret to making one?
    Austin, TX


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