Tuesday, August 16, 2011


One more sleep until school starts.

We have been:
To the beach.
For a swim in the lake.
Trying to build a sand castle.
Holding Sammi while she takes a little nap (I don't get to do that very often, she really prefers sleeping in her room).
Watching Sammi take a little snooze on the beach and listening to her snore ever so softly.
Reading books, doing puzzles, practicing some fractions and playing card games. (We also had meet the teacher night yesterday. I specifically phoned the principal and asked her to find a good placement for Jack this year and I think she made a good choice with this year's teacher.)
Eating our first mum mum. (Baby cracker.)
Having Jack's favorite - taco bell - for lunch.
Making cookies.
Playing "pillow land" (which happened to make a lovely patchwork background for baby photos).
Stopping at a "never able to frequent because it is too far away" thrift store and scoring a very sweet baby quilt.
Falling in love with it.
Thinking about fixing it since it is not put together very well.

And considering it the icing on the cake of a few wonderful days.


  1. I love mum mums! They don't have the mess or smell of other teething crackers. We just found em and love them! (I know this is an odd thing to comment on with all your other cute pictures!)

  2. Good luck with the school year. Sammi is so cute and looks so happy! I love the quilt also.

  3. sharing in the savor......thanks

  4. Wonderful summer memories. May your fall memories be equally happy & healthy!


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