Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sewing a smock for Sammi

Before I say a darn word about sewing this post is my 1,251st post.

I found this fabric at Joanns and I have been wanting to make Sammi a little dress of some sort.

I HATE making clothes, it is pretty much always a sewing fail for me.

And as you can see by the first set of bloomers here, it didn't go well this time either.
Altogether it's not great, but it's not horrible either.

I tried to resize a vintage simplicity smock pattern and I just am no good at resizing patterns.

I clearly need a pattern if I have any hope of sewing clothes. But all the patterns at Joann are just so BLAH.
You can see it fits her. Well, barely. The neck hole is too far up and the bloomers are still low rise, despite several attempts.

Perhaps I need to start trolling the internets (and garage sales) for vintage kid's patterns. I have a few, but nothing thrilling.

And for your amusement - my girl's head. It is HUGE. 94th percentile noggin on her.

That is ALL her father's doing.

It's no wonder the poor thing is like a little weeble! All cheek and head she is.

Back tomorrow with frugal Friday. I found something GOOD at a garage sale yesterday!


  1. Finding good patterns are a challenge, period. And then I always have a hard time getting the size right. They are way different than what you buy off the rack. So frustrating. If I sew for myself, I have to go a few sizes up. If I sew for Edie, sometimes I have to go a few sizes up and sometimes I don't....

    The smock is cute. Good job.

  2. Clothes are so hard. No matter if you have a pattern or not. Best to make friends with you seam ripper. I have a jar full. I jumped in and joined pinterest. Can I blame you if my house is never clean? Sarah made me do it! Just kidding. Love that weeble...smiles...Renee

  3. I bow to anyone that sews. Seriously. It's not a gift that I inherited from my quilting Momma. Sammi is just darling in her outfit.

  4. Ok you need to go to this blog (dont know why I didnt think of it faster!) Samantha and you are on the same wave length. She makes patterns for her kiddos, she big on heirloom sewing but also on simple sewing with little girls looking their age. Here is her newest post:

    Here is another pattern company that I like:

    Bonus they have boy and girl patterns! Hope this helps!!

  5. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I love this outfit. That's a fantastic print! I've never tried clothes, I imagine it would be a bit challenging. And your little lady is such a doll!

    ~ Jennifer

  6. Check Leftovers the next time you're there. I've found lots of good vintage patterns there before.

  7. I think it's a gorgeous outfit. you'd never find anything like that in the shops - I love the fabric. I say good for you and how many other mums do you think bother to do such wonderful things for their kids?? I still can not get over what you manage to fit in on top of raising those two lovely children - inspirational x

  8. I think I may have a few vintage kids patterns laying around collecting dust at my house. I will try to remember to look this week and if I find them I will send them your way, if I still have your address. ;)


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