Saturday, September 10, 2011

8 months

Oh Dear Cheeks, that didn't go so well, did it?
You are 8 months old today.
And you have absolutely no interest in having your picture taken today.

Because you are busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy moving. Rolling, scooting, rocking, and trying desperately to crawl.

At 8 months you:
*Are babbling. I am pretty sure you are calling me "ma."
*Hardly sleeping at all. Too busy for sleeping I suppose.
*In LOVE with baby yogurt. It is greeted with an enthusiastic MMMMMMMMMMM when you see it coming.
*Still very picky about your milk (only hot milk, only Avent bottles, and you would prefer to not hold it yourself.)
*Licking everything! Floors, carpets, cats - if it gets near your mouth you are going to lick it.
*Love tickling with Dad.
*Are very expressive with your eyes. Something loud? Ask mom what that was with your eyes. Something new? Ask mom what it is with your eyes.
*Learning things! How to pick up fruit puffs, to hold out your fingers when you see the nail clippers.
*Exploring the texture of everything by scratching things with a claw-like hand.
*Rocking on your hands and knees.
*Delighted when you discover how fast you can scootch along on the hardwood floors.
*But you still only scootch in reverse.
*Starting to recognize your name.
*Learning how to get your books off the bookshelf.
*Starting to point to things.
*Still the sweetest, most delightful, wonderful baby we have ever known.

Love you baby,

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